What To Expect From A Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

traumatic brain injury attorney

A serious brain injury can shatter your life, affecting your day-to-day functioning, and may be preventing you from working or from maintaining your relationships. Even apparently minor injuries can result in long-term damage. Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most serious side effects of negligence or carelessness resulting in an accident, and if you were not the cause of your brain injury then you may be entitled to compensation. To understand more about how our traumatic brain injury attorney can help you negotiate the difficult recovery from a brain injury including assessment and settlement of your claim, speak to the team at Belal Hamideh Law today.

traumatic brain injury attorney

Legal Entitlement To Compensation

When you have suffered a brain injury as the result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be fully entitled to a payment designed to compensate you for lost wages and medical bills, and even to support you as you try to live the rest of your life. You may sometimes also be entitled to compensation for your suffering as a result of this injury, and other out-of-pocket expenses and damages that have resulted. To find out more about what levels of compensation you would be entitled to after your injury, you need to speak to a specialist team who can help you to discover the full cost of your injury. We can talk with you about your prognosis, and even send you to specialist doctors who will examine you further and provide information about how you might be treated in the months and years to come.

Finding Responsible Parties

You might believe that you know who is responsible for your accident. It might be a careless driver or someone who has not acted responsibly in the workplace. However, there may be further causes behind the accident, for example, a vehicle defect that has caused the accident. A tire may have burst, causing the vehicle to spin out of control, or brakes may have failed. It might be that the responsible party is a driver who has not taken care of their vehicle, but it might be that they have been hit from behind or have had faulty tires installed on their vehicle. We will be there to help you find out who is responsible for your accident, and what compensation you should be seeking from them.

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When you need help and compassion from an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney, you should reach out to the team at Belal Hamideh Law. We can help you to find the assistance that you need to overcome your injuries with the help of compensation settlements. We can also provide you with doctors and specialist medical teams who can assist you with your claim. To find out more about how we can assist you with a compensation claim for brain injury, reach out to our teams today. You can contact us online or call us at (562) 526-1224 for a free consultation now.