Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a very common work injury for employees that repetitively use their hands and fingers at work. It is a work injury that is caused over time. Carpal tunnel occurs when there is a pinch of the median nerve in your wrist. This work injury causes the pain to radiate from your hand to your shoulder. The carpal tunnel syndrome occurs first in the dominant hand but possibly will occur in both hands. You can confirm if you have carpel tunnel syndrome by the Tinel test. If you press your finger and you feel a shock, then you most likely have carpal tunnel syndrome. If you experience this pain, you should report this work injury immediately and file a workers compensation claim.

Permanent Impairment

As a result of carpal tunnel syndrome, you will feel symptoms such as burning, tingling, discomfort and pain. If you do not treat the carpal tunnel, it would be extremely difficult for you to work. In order to see if you have permanent impairment from the carpal tunnel injury, you would first need to obtain a carpal release surgery, which would remove the pinch from the median nerve. You may be entitled to obtain this carpal release surgery as part of your workers compensation case. After your workers compensation doctor has completed the surgery, there is a possibility that you may still end up with permanent impairment in your hand.   As part of this work accident, you may end up with an infection, nerve damage, stiffness and lifetime pain. This is a type of workers compensation injury that often results in permanent impairment.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


When you initially feel the pain from carpel tunnel syndrome, you should put your hand in a splint and immobilize your wrist for a couple of weeks to reduce inflammation. If your carpal tunnel syndrome is not severe, then you can treat it with medications such as anti-inflammatories and exercise of your hands.

As mentioned above, you may also get a carpel release surgery. It is one of the most common surgeries that workers compensation doctors perform. It is an outpatient surgery, which requires local anesthesia.

After obtaining a surgery, you may require additional medications, therapy, and equipment for your hands to reduce the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, contact our workers compensation attorney for assistance on getting you to the right workers comp doctors and obtaining maximum compensation for your injury.