Class Action Attorney in Long Beach

class action attorney

Has your employer violated your labor laws? Did they break any employment laws, wage and hour laws, or even discriminate against you? Have you been a victim of toxic exposure or defective products? If that’s the case, you very well may be able to file a class-action lawsuit. 

In a class-action suit, either one person or a group is eligible, in California, to sue on behalf of others with similar complaints against an employer. If your rights were violated by your employer, class action attorney Belal Hamideh can help you to receive the compensation you deserve. 

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

In this type of lawsuit, many individuals such as yourself claim a common defendant has wronged them in similar ways. Instead of suing the company individually in many cases, they choose to sue both on their own behalf as well as that of others who were similarly wronged in one united case. 

The main elements of a class-action lawsuit include naming plaintiffs (or even plaintiff) who represents the class’s (group of people’s) interests adequately as well as having many plaintiffs. Another important element: the injuries the plaintiffs claim from a common defendant/group of defendants include a common set of facts as well as a common injury and/or cause that is typical of the injuries that many in the plaintiff class suffered. 

Class Action Lawyers: Who Can They Represent?

Essentially, we can represent people who have suffered similar harm from an organization or company. If you were wronged in similar ways that others were, you very well may be eligible for damages. Class action clients we represent can include: 

  • Workers who were forced to spend their money for work by their employers yet were never reimbursed 
  • People who were injured by defective products (or if their pets were). 
  • Workers who were not allowed rest periods, meal periods, or denied overtime. 
  • Victims of deceptive businesses practices, even corporate misconduct, and securities fraud 
  • Victims of identity theft, particularly those where hackers broke into a company’s database 
  • Job seekers who were asked illegal questions on job interviews/job applications
  • Workers whose employers classified them as independent contractors when they were employees
  • Victims of abusive and/or deceptive debt collection and billing practices. 
  • Victims of deceptive lender and bank practices, including improper charges and more. 
  • Many others 

If any of the above happened to you, or if you believe that you’re among many who were harmed by a particular company or organization, it makes sense to reach out to an attorney with class action experience. 

Is it Worth Starting or Joining a Class Action?

There is strength in numbers. If a company overcharged you $10 monthly for a few years, it would most likely not be easy for you to go to the trouble to sue the company and receive the compensation you deserve for that. However, if that same company did that to thousands, all across the country, over an extended period of time, then starting or joining a class action would be a very good idea. All of you could receive the compensation you deserve. 

Corporations can bully individuals. They can intimidate people who try to take them on, one-on-one, so to speak. However, in a class action, corporations cannot do that. They cannot simply overlook a large number of people looking for justice, working with an experienced class action attorney. 

A class-action lawsuit is, in many ways, about more than just money. Corporations who prey upon people like you, who endanger you and your family, need to be stopped. Major class action lawsuits, when handled properly, can stop even the biggest, most unscrupulous companies from harming people like you. 

Hire a Class Action Attorney in California Today!

If you were wronged by a company, whether you were a worker, customer, employee, or in some other way, you may deserve compensation. There may be many others like you out there, looking for a way to seek justice against a corporation or other entity that did them wrong. 

We can help. Our class action lawyers have been involved in many cases like these, helping our clients to get all of the compensation they deserve.