Do I need to change my lawyer?

Hi my husband was in construction job accident who was the owner who pushed and hit by him off the cliff with an Excavator he’s was the one who called the ambulance and took him to the hospital and took care of everything he lost hes thumb and 2 t…
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Belal’s Answer

I would speak to your lawyer and if your not satisfied with the conversation then speak to another attorney.

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How can I acquire an attorney for property damage on an auto with no injuries and an uninsured motorist?

My neighbor hit my car while it was parked in front of my home and mail box . He totaled it and he has no insurance.

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You can use ur comp and collision coverage to fix your car and take your neighbor to small claims for reimbursement of the deductible.

Non serious car accident issue.

I accidentally rear ended someone at a red light. But I just bumped into her. I was maybe going 5mph at the most. It was my fault because I was looking down to fix my heat. However, there is not damage to my car. Her car is only damaged around the…

Belal’s Answer

Let your insurance take care of it.

What are my car accident options?

My husband got into a accident on December 17,2014..He got Rear ended..and my father in law has full coverage on the vechile but my husband is not on the policy..The police report that was taken states that my husband is at fault..The car insuranc…

Belal’s Answer

You should retain a personal injury attorney if there was an injury.

Auto insurance company not accepting full liability

I was in an accident in December of 2014 and the other driver was found at fault and cited for failure to yield. Her insurance ignores my calls and voice mail for close to two weeks and then a month after the accident finally called me. They are t…

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You can retain an attorney to file a lawsuit.

Can I sue for personal injury, based on severe psychological damage?

I.e. mental abuse, inflicted by a company such as a management company, hospital, etc.? I’ve been told before that only injury attorneys tend to work on contingency basis’, but does that only apply to physical injury suits, since they hav…

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You may want to search for an employment attorney.

Can an attorney bind you to a settlement offer in an auto accident claim?

I’m confused some attorneys on here say that an attorney can bind you to a settlement offer.How is this done?I thought that an attorney never had the authority to settle a claim without the consent of theclient

Belal’s Answer

The client has authority to settle or not.

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Can my hit and run charge be handled by a public defender properly or should I get a private attorney?

In November I was involved in a accident which I continued and am being charged with vc hit and run with property damage (minor cosmetic damage to vehicle) I’ve researched that a first H+R charge can be mitigated/meditated by reimbursing the cost …

Belal’s Answer

There are plenty of very good public defenders. If the one they assign you doesn’t satisfy you then get a private attorney.

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I backed into the front of the car and reported it to my insurance 2 years ago. Now I am being sued. What do I do?

To add on, my insurance company settled it and there was a police man present during the time of the minor accident. Now I am being sued for possibly an injury claim (I have not been given the “served documents”).

Belal’s Answer

If you get served with a summons and complaint then hand it over to your insurance.

Not sure how to fill out a proof of service by personal service. I am filing out a MC-050… who needs to be served?

I no longer want to use my lawyer. I would like to drive to his office, potentially have him sign off. who else needs to be notified? who has to sign the proof of personal service? and when? at the lawyers office? at the courthouse? who are the “…

Belal’s Answer

You should retain another lawyer to substitute in for your current lawyer.