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mass tort lawyer

Were you injured by a defective product? Did you or someone you love take a prescription medication that turned out to be dangerous? Were you exposed to hazardous chemicals, materials, and the like? If so, you may be eligible for compensation. Additionally, you may best be served by filing a mass tort lawsuit. Depending upon your situation, a mass tort lawsuit may be the best possible way to take on an enormous corporation and receive the compensation you deserve. Belal Hamideh, a mass tort lawyer, can help. 

As you might imagine, corporations have the resources and experience to make it difficult for people like you to be able to receive their due compensation. Here at Belal Hamideh Law, we have the resources as well as the experience to go “toe to toe” with them, representing you as aggressively as possible. You can reach us today for a free consultation.

When and Why Should You Hire a Mass Tort Lawyer?

You should hire a mass tort attorney because, simply, they can handle the case for you. You want an attorney who can take on a corporation. That experience helps with the big things (such as negotiating with the other side’s attorneys) as well as the seemingly small things, such as preparing the right documentation to file your suit, going over your medical records to establish an ironclad link between your injuries and the defendant, and more. 

The best time to hire a mass tort attorney is as soon as possible. The sooner you do so, the sooner your attorney can get to work on your case. You can rest assured that the other side is not waiting, as they’re doing everything in their power to make sure that you and others who may have suffered injury receive as little as possible. 

What is a Mass Tort?

Basically, a “mass tort” is when more than one plaintiff is filed against at-fault parties in a civil court. These claims tend to be from those who have suffered physical or financial damage on account of a company’s negligence. Depending on your case, your attorney may decide to file your mass tort at both the federal as well as at state levels. 

The most common types of mass tort cases tend to involve products that were dangerous, defective, hazardous, and so forth. When the negligence of a corporation injures you or someone you love, then it’s entirely possible that others suffered similarly. A mass tort can be the best way to ensure that you and others receive appropriate compensation. 

Common Mass Tort Cases

Mass torts are more common than many people realize. When multiple individuals have been injured due to the negligence and recklessness of a company, action must be taken. There are many kinds of mass torts, but some of the most common include: 

  • Prescription Drugs 
  • Product liability
  • Medical devices
  • Asbestos 
  • Aviation crashes
  • Tobacco
  • Mass disasters
  • Agriculture 

The Difference Between a Mass Tort and a Class Action Lawsuit

The biggest difference between a class action suit and a mass tort is the treatment of the plaintiffs. In a class-action lawsuit, all of the plaintiffs are treated as one entity. So, they all win or lose together, essentially. Moreover, all of the compensation in a class action lawsuit will most likely have to be divided between all of the plaintiffs. If you believe that you would best be served by a lawyer for a class action lawsuit, Belal Hamideh can help. 

In a mass tort, however, each of the plaintiffs is considered individually, seen as their own entity. Thus, each plaintiff can receive compensation to fit their unique circumstance. You can join a mass tort lawsuit with another plaintiff, but you very well may receive more compensation than them, due to the specifics of your situation. 

How Can You Start a Mass Tort Lawsuit?

The first step is, of course, to reach out to an attorney. Remember: in a mass tort case, you won’t have to pay until the compensation is acquired. You won’t have to pay “out of pocket” or anything like that. In fact, we work with medical professionals who, should you require it, can provide treatment that will also be paid for out of your eventual settlement. We see it as one more way we can help. 

Once we’ve taken your case, we get right to work. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation, reach out to other plaintiffs, and represent you as aggressively as possible. A strong majority of mass torts don’t end in a courtroom but are settled out of court. We work tirelessly to make certain that our clients receive what they deserve from a mass tort or any other kind of case. 

The Benefits of a Mass Tort Litigation

There are many benefits to mass torts, with the most prominent being that you put yourself in the best possible opportunity to receive the compensation that you deserve. Corporations, governments, and similar entities are used to winning and have the resources to do so. A mass tort can, with the right attorney, level the playing field. 

Part of what can make a mass tort so effective is that we can use it to demonstrate how the negative side-effects through proper use of the drug, medicine, product, machine, or whatever it was affected so many. Yes, a mass tort can be a way to show those in power that they have to change to prevent injuries in the future while also helping you to receive the compensation you deserve. 

Are Mass Tort Cases Difficult?

They can be. The truth is that, in many cases, class action cases tend to be less complicated than mass torts. This is due to the structure of most mass tort cases. As they don’t follow the usual legal procedure that so many other cases do (such as class action ones) they can be particularly challenging. That said, it’s all the more reason to work with an attorney that can truly help. 

What also can make mass torts rough is the defendants. The other side in these cases tends to be enormous corporations, governments, and other powerful entities. They have teams of attorneys and others. The last thing you want is an attorney who’s going to be overwhelmed by their resources, experience, and other factors. Here at Belal Hamideh Law, we represent our clients aggressively, fighting on their behalf for the compensation they should have. 

How Long Do Mass Tort Cases Take?

It varies. There is no set “timeline.” Yes, some of them can be wrapped up quickly. However, unfortunately, there are some cases that go on for years and years, even decades. This is due to many factors, not the least of which is collecting evidence, investigating, and so forth. Getting the defendant’s documentation, the medical records of all of the plaintiffs, and more can take a long time, as can organizing it, analyzing it, and so forth. 

Beyond the plaintiffs, there are also witnesses and expert witnesses. A mass tort can include many of the latter: doctors, developers, scientists, and so forth, depending on the specific mass tort. These witnesses and others may be far from the law firm, thus necessitating travel. Mass torts can, unfortunately, take a long time. 

However, this is all the more reason to reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you contact an attorney about your case, the sooner they can get to work on your behalf so that you and yours can receive all of the compensation they deserve. 

Find a Mass Tort Lawyer at Belal Hamideh Law

If you or someone you love has been injured by a defective product, hazardous medicine, or in some other way that was due to the negligence of a business or government, we may be able to help. Perhaps you have a personal injury claim or would best be served by being a part of a class-action lawsuit. However, it’s entirely possible that you should file a mass tort lawsuit. 

No matter what, once we take your case, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. From the initial filing, through the investigation, negotiation, and into court if necessary, we will be there representing you and yours aggressively. We can help you to seek justice and receive the compensation that you deserve. Hablamos español. For a free consultation with Belal Hamideh, mass tort lawyer, call us.