Knee Injury

Knee injury that occur at work can be serious. Work injuries to the knee affect other body parts as well. You may be entitled to a significant workers compensation settlement if you injured your knee at work because the knee is also a weight bearing joint and your knee condition may become worse.

It is important to hire a workers compensation lawyer if you sustain a knee injury. Our workers compensation lawyer knows what treatment you need for your knee and also the treatment you need for your knee in the future.   Our workers compensation lawyer will make sure you are given the correct permanent impairment rating and prescribed the correct future medical care for your lifetime so that you are protected.

How an antalgic gait affects other body parts

When you have a work injury to your knee, you may have an altered gait, which means that you will walk unbalanced. When this occurs, your other body parts such as your back and other leg become injured or aggravated. This may occur years after your injury, but you need a workers compensation lawyer to evaluate your medical records and make sure that these types of required treatments are included in your workmans compensation case.

Types of knee injuries that we handle

We handle all work related knee injuries.   We have experience in all types of workers comp knee injury cases including torn meniscus, torn acl, torn mcl, knee replacements, knee repair surgery, and more.

If you have a work related knee injury, you may be entitled to temporary disability, permanent impairment settlement, future medical care, free medical treatment and more.

No fee unless we win

If we don’t win your workmans compensation case, then you don’t owe our workers compensation lawyer a dime. No expenses or fees will come out of your own pocket from the beginning to the end of your case.

Free legal consultation

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