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motor vehicle accident attorney

Were you or someone you love injured in a motor vehicle accident? Whether you were a driver, a passenger, a rider, or on foot, you very well may be entitled to compensation. Other drivers have a “duty of care” to drive safely on the road. If they breach that by acting negligently and/or recklessly, then accident attorney Belal Hamideh can help.

Belal and the team here have helped many to turn their personal injuries into lasting victories. If you were the victim of a motor vehicle accident, schedule a free case evaluation today. Hablamos Espanol. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents Belal Handles

Over the years, Belal Hamideh has handled more than 1500 cases. Many of those involved motor vehicle accidents. These include: 

Auto Accidents

Even the most seemingly minor car accident can be devastating. Belal can represent you as aggressively as possible so that you recover all that you should. 

Truck Accidents

18-wheelers, “big rigs,” and similar vehicles are much larger than typical cars. As such, these crashes can be even more dangerous. Multiple parties can be liable for these accidents and Belal can bring a suit against all responsible. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are not typically at fault for motorcycle accidents. Should you have been in an accident where you were on a motorcycle or have been crashed into by one, contact Belal for a free case evaluation. 

Bus Accidents

Accidents involving buses can have multiple victims, significant environmental damage, and much more. 

Pedestrian Accidents

If you’re on foot and crashed into by a vehicle, you will be bereft of protection. Contact us if you have been injured. 

Passenger Accidents

You can be riding in a vehicle and suddenly in a car crash. We can help you to recover maximum compensation for any and all injuries. 

Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is great exercise and an environmentally friendly form of travel. Vehicles are supposed to avoid bike lines and if you’re hurt by one we may be able to help. 

UBER and Lyft Rideshare Accidents

No matter if you’re driving for UBER or Lyft or simply a passenger in one, if you are involved in an accident, we very well may be able to assist you. 

Motor Vehicle Accident Resulting in Wrongful Death

There is no amount of compensation that can make up for the loss of a loved one. If someone you love has passed away in a motor vehicle accident, Belal and the team can help you to recover compensation to pay for any medical bills, pain, suffering, and more, so that you have a foundation from which to transition to the next stage of life. 

If you do not see the vehicle that was involved in your accident, you still may have a case. If you were involved in any kind of vehicular accident, it’s worth it to reach out to Belal Hamideh for a free case evaluation. During that, he’ll let you know exactly what you can expect for your case and how he may be able to help. 

What to Do If You’re in a Motor Vehicle Accident of Any Kind

Stay calm. As challenging as it may be, control your breathing and maintain calmness to the best extent that you can. 

Once you’ve done so, remove yourself from harm as best you are able. Do so only if you are physically able and if you can do so without putting yourself at risk of further harm. This could mean that you move out of the middle of the road, away from a vehicle that’s on fire, from the edge of a cliff, a structurally unsound building, or something similar. 

Assess your injuries. Do so, as much as you can, for anyone else involved. 

Call 911. Contacting the police as well as medical professionals is crucial. The police can file a police report. This will prove invaluable to your eventual case. Medical professionals will be able to diagnose and treat any injuries. You may be reluctant to contact medical professionals if you have no visible injuries, but some of the worst injuries may be internal or reveal themselves for some time. The sooner you can be diagnosed and treated, the better. 


Share information with the other driver(s). Collect their name, address, contact info, and insurance information. Do so politely. Do not say or do anything which could be construed, in any way, as admitting fault. 


Collect evidence. As much as you can, document the scene. Take pictures and videos of your injuries. Do so for others. Focus on evidence that may disappear quickly. That includes damage to any vehicles, or to the environment (such as fallen trees, structural damage to buildings as a result of the accident, skid marks, and similar). If there are any witnesses, collect their information as well. 

Contact your insurance provider. Tell them what happened. Do so without exaggeration. “Just the facts,” as the saying goes, is the correct course of action here. 

After you have done all of the above and received medical attention, then, contact Belal for a free case evaluation. 

Motor Vehicle Accident Damages You Can Claim

In a motor vehicle accident, you can receive both economic and non-economic damages. 

The former, economic damages, are compensation for bills you may be facing as a direct result of your accident. This includes medical bills for your injuries and care. Doctor’s visits, transportation to and from the hospital, hospital stays, medication, any rehab, therapy, and so forth, can be included. 

These damages can also include wages you may have lost due to being unable to work on account of injuries you suffered in the accident. Indeed, you can also receive compensation for wages you would have made if you are unable to work your job going forward (or unable to work it in the same capacity). 

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are compensation for that which may not be as quantifiable financially. This includes your pain, your suffering, any loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and more. 

During a free case evaluation with Belal, he’ll draw upon his experience to let you know what kinds of compensation you can expect for your case. Then, he and the rest of the team will work as diligently as possible to ensure that you and yours receive maximum compensation. 

Finding Who’s Liable for Your Motor Vehicle Accident

In most motor vehicle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle is liable. They had a “duty of care” to you, someone else on the road, they breached that duty, you were hurt, and you deserve damages for that injury. However, they may not be the only party that is liable. 

Perhaps poor road conditions also caused the accident, even partially. If so, then those who were responsible for maintaining the road and did not do so may be liable. Maybe there was a manufacturing defect with one of the vehicles which helped to cause the accident. Or, perhaps a mechanic didn’t do their job. Those are just a few examples. 

The truth is that an experienced attorney can help you to find all of the parties who may be liable. Then, we’ll bring a suit against all of them, so that you can recover the maximum compensation for all that you’ve been through. 

You Can Receive Compensation if You Were Partially Responsible for Your Motor Vehicle Accident

Yes. If you were partially responsible for your motor vehicle accident, you can still recover compensation. As California has what’s called “Comparative Negligence,” you are eligible. How it works: you will receive proportionate compensation to how much of the accident was your fault. 

So, if you were, say, 35% responsible for the accident, then, you would still be eligible for 65% of damages. This is one more reason to reach out to an attorney who has handled many motor vehicle accident cases in the past. Belal knows how to put together the best case for your situation on your behalf. 

Motor Vehicle Accident Case Study: $912,000.00 Settlement

A Lyft driver was simply doing their job, driving a passenger, when they were rear-ended by another vehicle. The Lyft driver reached out to us and Belal realized, quite quickly in a free case evaluation, that they had a strong case. So, we immediately investigated. 

Following hours of negotiation, we collected insurance payments from the at-fault driver. Additionally, however, we collected even more from Lyft. Through all of this, we were able to help our client to receive maximum compensation. 

The passenger in our client’s vehicle, though, chose not to reach out to us for a free case evaluation. They were represented by another law firm. Unfortunately, they received only a total of $88,000 for the accident. Our client, on the other hand, received $912,000. 

Belal Hamideh: Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer for Victims

Belal and the team here work on contingency. What that means is that you will not have to pay for Belal’s services from your own bank account. In fact, Belal’s payments come out of your eventual settlement. So, you don’t have to pay for Belal, provided that Belal does not win. We win 99% of the time for our clients. Now, we can put all of that experience and success to work on your case. 

If you believe that you or someone you love was injured in a motor vehicle accident, it’s worth it to reach out to an experienced attorney. Belal can guide you through every step of the process, from the initial free case evaluation through a successful outcome, turning what you’ve been through into a real victory. 

To schedule that free case evaluation, message us through this site or call.