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If you are a passenger and you get injured in a car accident, you can get compensation for your medical bills, medical expenses you might have in the future, your pain and suffering for your lifetime, recovery of lost wages, compensation for loss of earning ability any other potentially unforeseen expenses.

If you are a passenger, you can even file an accident case against the driver of the vehicle you were in if that person caused the accident.

You may not know this, but the passenger in a vehicle has all of the same rights as the vehicle’s driver. That’s true even in an accident when the passenger is injured in a vehicular accident that was the fault of the driver of the same vehicle.

The truth is that, as a passenger, you could potentially be in more danger of injury than the driver. Should the driver run a red light or ignore a stop sign, then you have a higher risk of being injured in a “T-bone” accident or something similar.

Whether you were riding home with a family member from the grocery store, in rideshares such as Uber or Lyft, or a passenger of any other kind of vehicle, we can help you to be compensated for your injuries and more. When you’re in rideshare, they have a responsibility to you as a passenger. Should they not be able to hold up their end and get you into some kind of accident, then something should be done.

No fee until we win

We won’t charge you until we win your case. In the unlikely event that we don’t win your case, we will not charge you anything. We understand that you might be a bit reluctant to pursue financial compensation if the driver of the vehicle was someone you care about. Maybe you were riding in a car with someone you’ve known and trusted for many years, and even if the accident was their fault, the last thing you want is for them to have to deal with paying for your medical bills and so forth. That’s why we make sure that any damages awarded would come exclusively from an insurance company.

So, if you’re injured in an accident like this and someone you care about was driving your vehicle and they were at fault, you can still file for this. They won’t have to pay for your medical bills, expenses, damage, and so forth. It will come from their insurance.

Importantly, you won’t have to pay for any of those, either. When someone else’s actions cause you injuries, you shouldn’t have to pay for it financially.

It doesn’t matter if the car you are in doesn’t have insurance

In California, if you drive an automobile that doesn’t have insurance and you get into a car accident, then you can only receive money for your medical bills. If you are an uninsured driver, you can not receive compensation for pain and suffering. This law DOES NOT APPLY TO PASSENGERS. If you are a passenger in an uninsured vehicle, you are entitled to FULL COMPENSATION.

You weren’t driving the car. You did not choose to get into an accident. You were, quite literally, just sitting there. When someone’s actions, negligence, and/or recklessness led to you being hurt, something should be done about it. You deserve to be compensated for everything that you’ve gone through.

We can perform a complete and thorough investigation to find out who exactly was at fault in the accident. From there, we can put together your aggressive representation accordingly. Perhaps the driver of your vehicle was at fault. Maybe the driver of the other vehicle was at fault. Alternatively, it could be that both drivers were at fault. Through a careful investigation, we can make sure that you receive all of the compensation that you’re entitled to.

passenger accident lawyer

Receive medical attention today

Our passenger accident lawyer will refer you to a medical specialist that will help you recover from your car accident. These doctors won’t charge you until your case is done. This means that you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for all of your injuries, rehab, expenses, and more. Instead, you can put all of your attention where it should be: on your own recovery. Once the case is done, we’ll make sure that they’re paid out of your settlement, so that you don’t have to pay a dime.

Passengers can be severely injured in car accidents

Automobile accidents occur in a split second. If you are a passenger in an accident, you may be at greater risk of injury than the driver. The driver is seeing everything that is happening and oftentimes the passengers in a car don’t have an opportunity to brace themselves. This leads to serious injuries that can lead to permanent disability. You need an attorney that knows how to evaluate your injuries and negotiate a maximum settlement for you.

Time is of the essence

Generally, you must file an accident case within two years of the accident. There are some exceptions that may require you to file your case earlier. If you don’t file your case within the required time limit, then you will lose your right to compensation for your injuries.

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