Long Beach Head Injury Attorney

Life-Threatening Work Accident

Blows to the head occur in the workplace and can result in serious injury. If you sustain a blow to the head at work, you should go to the hospital right away. Some work accidents to the head may seem fine, but there is often internal bleeding or internal problems. Under workers’ compensation laws, you are entitled to all medically necessary treatment and evaluations. At the minimum, you should get a CT Scan of your brain to see if your work accident has caused severe injury.

Permanent Impairment

Some head injuries cause permanent impairment or even death. Other work accidents involving the head may put you on temporary disability for a while and not result in any permanent impairment. The amount of permanent impairment resulting from this type of workers’ compensation case depends on many factors including the age of the injured worker, the occupation of the injured worker, the velocity of the impact to the head, whether there was an open wound, etc.

If your head injury caused cognitive impairment, then there is going to be high permanent impairment resulting from the work accident. If there is internal bleeding, this type of work accident can result in death. Other types of head injuries cause lifetime headaches, insomnia, and other associated psychological impairment.

It is possible that your head injury may cause you to be 70% permanently disabled or more. In that situation, you are entitled to receive a life pension as part of your workers’ compensation case.

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It’s important to note that a lasting injury to your head may not just manifest itself in a visible way, such as a scar. The consequences of an injury to the head could include depression, anxiety, problems with maintaining balance or even losing the ability to smell. Often, people who have suffered such an injury struggle to remember even basic facts or get to sleep. That said, you also might feel unnaturally tired, unable to do nearly as much physically as you were able to previously without feeling exhausted. Problems seeing, hearing, speaking, or even walking and running could follow such an injury.

Those, of course, are just the physical problems associated with a blow to the head. The truth is that you could suffer mental and even emotional problems as well. Often, people who’ve had a terrible injury to the head get angrier more often, or they aren’t able to enjoy and partake in their hobbies like they were previously.

A tingling in your limbs that won’t go away, an inability to concentrate, and more: an injury to the head is a serious matter and should be treated as such.

Our head injury attorney can review any CT Scan or MRI of your brain to determine which category you fit in and assist you in recovering and getting maximum compensation from your workers’ compensation case.

Just because you suffered an injury to your head, that doesn’t mean that your life should have to stop entirely stop or be put on hold. We can help.

Future Medical Care

If you have sustained a severe head injury, you may need 24/7 assistance from a nurse and other medical experts. You may need to take prescription medication, attend neurological consultations, get further diagnostic imaging in the future, undergo physical rehabilitation, etc.

For less severe head injuries, you may only need over-the-counter medication and occasional visits with a neurologist. It’s important to reach out to a head injury attorney as quickly as possible to help your case.

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The problem with an injury like this is that you may not know how bad it can be for a long period of time. You would think that, in the moments after you suffered some kind of grievous injury to your head that you would feel the consequences of it immediately. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While this might seem like a good thing, the truth is that it can lull you into a false sense of security.

Too many people, after they’ve injured their head, go back to their regular life, work, and so forth. They don’t get the medical attention that they need, they just assume that everything is all right. And, perhaps for a moment, it is. Then, in a few days, a week, a month, or even longer, all of a sudden, they have all of the classic symptoms that you would associate with an injury to the head. What makes it worse is that they lost all of that time. So, if you get your head injured, go get help immediately. That’s true even if the injury seems relatively minor.

Whatever the situation may be, Mr. Hamideh, the top Long Beach head injury attorney is experienced in head injuries and will ensure you receive lifetime medical attention for your workers’ compensation case.