Head Injury Attorney Long Beach

Life Threatening Work Accident

Blows to the head occur in the workplace and can result in serious injury. If you sustain a blow to the head at work, you should go to the hospital right away. Some work accidents to the head may seem fine, but there is often internal bleeding or internal problems. Under workers compensation laws, you are entitled to all medically necessary treatment and evaluations.   At the minimum, you should get a CT Scan of your brain to see if your work accident has caused severe injury.

Permanent Impairment

Some head injuries cause permanent impairment or even death. Other work accidents involving the head may put you on temporary disability for a while and not result in any permanent impairment. The amount of permanent impairment resulting from this type of workers compensation case depends on many factors including the age of the injured worker, the occupation of the injured worker, the velocity of the impact to the head, whether there was an open wound, etc.

If your head injury caused cognitive impairment, then there is going to be high permanent impairment resulting from the work accident. If there is internal bleeding, this type of work accident can result in death. Other types of head injuries cause lifetime headaches, insomnia and other associated psychological impairment.

It is possible that your head injury may cause you to be 70% permanently disabled or more. In that situation, you are entitled to receive life pension as part of your workers compensation case.

Our workers compensation attorney can review any CT Scan or MRI of your brain to determine which category you fit in and assist you in recovering and getting maximum compensation from your workers compensation case.

Future Medical Care

If you have sustained a severe head injury, you may need 24/7 assistance from a nurse and other medical experts. You may need to take prescription medication, attend nuerological consultations, get further diagnostic imaging in the future etc.

For less severe head injuries, you may only need over the counter medication and occasional visits with a nuerologist.

Whatever the situation may be, our workers compensation attorney in Long Beach is experienced in head injuries and will ensure you receive lifetime medical attention for your workers compensation case.