What a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Wishes Clients Knew

traumatic brain injury lawyer

Have you or a loved one recently experienced a traumatic brain injury? Does it feel like you don’t know what to do next?. Traumatic brain injuries, commonly referred to as “TBIs,” often result in severe injuries, potentially leading to temporary or even permanent disability. Belal Hamideh, an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer, very well may be able to help. 

Always, our goal is to provide aggressive legal representation, ensuring you receive the full compensation you rightfully deserve for all you’ve been through.

Whether your TBI resulted from negligence or recklessness, we are here to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

There’s More Than One Kind of Traumatic Brain Injury 

Traumatic brain injuries are not all the same, not by any means. Indeed, there are three distinct types:

Brain Contusion: This involves bruising of the brain tissue, potentially leading to increased pressure within the skull. The severity can vary, causing symptoms ranging from fatigue and confusion to agitation or loss of consciousness.

Concussion: Resulting from significant impacts to the head, concussions can cause memory loss, disorientation, and concentration difficulties, even with seemingly minor incidents. Repeated concussions exacerbate the severity.

Penetration: These injuries occur when an object pierces or breaks through the skull, potentially causing contact between the brain and various substances or objects. Gunshot wounds to the head stand out as a leading cause of TBI-related fatalities.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms May Be Different Than What You Think 

While not all TBIs exhibit visible signs, certain symptoms can be apparent, necessitating immediate medical attention. Physical symptoms include persistent headaches, slurred speech, changes in vision, unequal pupil sizes, fluid leakage from the ears or nose, dizziness, and more. 

Non-physical signs encompass unusual behavior, restlessness, confusion, difficulty concentrating, and even trouble recognizing familiar people or places.

You Could Receive Compensation for Your TBI 

Compensation for TBIs in California can be obtained through settlements or verdicts. While specific figures for settlements are private, as these injuries can be so devastating, they can lead to significant compensation. 

Economic damages cover medical expenses, therapy, assisted living, lost wages, and property damage, while non-economic damages address pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and consortium. In fatal cases, compensation for wrongful death and, in certain circumstances, punitive damages may apply.

traumatic brain injury lawyer

An Experienced Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help 

Traumatic brain injuries present immense challenges, even seemingly minor injuries potentially leading to severe and lasting consequences.  Whether settling out of court or standing up for you in court, we’re committed to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. 

We work on contingency, so you don’t have to pay us unless we win. Even then, our payment will come out of your compensation. To schedule a free case evaluation, with a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer, message us through our site or call.