Recent Cases


Wrongful Termination Case – Confidential Settlement



Back Injury from Work Accident


Our client was represented by another attorney for a back injury she sustained at work. The prior attorney did not obtain any settlement offers. Our office took over the handling of the case. After a few months, we were able to resolve her case for full value.


Knee Injury At Work


A security guard was injured when he fell on his knees while walking. The insurance company denied that our client sustained any serious injury. Our office helped the client to achieve maximum medical recovery. Shortly thereafter, we were able to obtain full value settlement for his permanent injury.


Homeowners Insurance Personal Injury Case


Our client was working on the Defendant’s roof. While performing his job duties, he injured his back. Our client asserted that the homeowner caused the injury. The Defendant stated the accident was not his fault. This was a word versus word case. There were no independent witnesses or camera footage of the accident. Our office was able to obtain full settlement value without the need for filing his case in court.


Back Injury Case


Our client injured her back while lifting a pot at work. The insurance company denied that our client sustained any serious injury. After intense negotiations, our office was able to maximize our client’s recovery.


T-Bone Car Accident


Our client was making a legal left turn when the Defendant ran a red light and T-boned his vehicle. Our client was able to escape without any serious injury. He had a minor disc bulge in his lower back. The Defendant’s automobile insurance made a low-ball offer. Our office filed his case in Court. We retained experts and took the deposition of the Defense expert. Within three weeks after the deposition, our office resolved the client’s case for full value.


Take Over of Neck Injury Case From prior Attorney


Our client had a physically demanding job. Over time, she developed symptoms in her neck. She was represented by another attorney. The attorney settled part of her case for $30,000. Our office took over representation of the case. After a few months, we were able to obtain full value for the client.


Car Accident (Low Impact & Serious Pre-existing Injury)


Our client was waiting at a red light. The Defendant reversed his car into her at 1-5 MPH.  Prior to the accident, our client was already treating for her Cervical Dystonia condition.  This condition causes the neck to move on its own.  There is no known cure for this condition.  Her pain levels were reported to her doctor as a 10/10 prior to the accident.  The Defense insurance denied that their insured caused any injury since the accident was such a low impact and because our client had serious pre-existing condition.  The insurance company offered $5,000, so we filed a lawsuit.  After intense litigation, multiple hearings, depositions and mediation, our office was able to obtain justice for our client.