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toe amputation lawyer

If you have a work-related toe amputation, you may have a significant workers’ compensation case. If you sustained a toe amputation, contact our experienced amputation injury lawyer for assistance. The big toe is a major part of having humans maintain their balance. If you are not able to maintain your balance, then your work injury may cause serious problems with other body parts in the future. Belal Hamideh workmans compensation lawyer in California can help you!

Our workers’ compensation lawyer will help you get the medical attention you need

If you sustain a serious work injury to your toe, then it is possible that there will not be any more blood supply to your toe. Once this occurs, you will need a toe amputation surgery along with post-operative care.  Our amputation injury lawyer will ensure you have a reputable and experienced medical specialist to perform the toe amputation. Also, our workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure you receive post-operative care from experienced medical specialists. The big toe is the most important to your ability to walk with balance so you need an aggressive workers compensation attorney to ensure you get the required medical treatment. It’s been shown that for many people, the big toe supports up to 40% of their body weight. While the big toe is the most important toe in regards to your body’s gait, each of your toes is important. Should you have to get any of them amputated due to an at-work accident, then you deserve as much compensation as possible.

toe amputation lawyer

You can lead a great life even if you have to get a toe amputated, but you may not be able to return to the same job (or work in the same capacity) that you did before. That’s all the more reason to get the compensation that you deserve. This “compensation” can take many different forms. Often, it’s money, helping you to pay your bills and so forth. However, it could also be job training, too. Even if you do have your toe amputated, there are plenty of great jobs that you would absolutely be a perfect fit for. We can help you in many different ways to get the compensation that’s right for you.

Toe amputations may require future care to other parts of your body

After your toe amputation, other body parts may become injured or impaired. If you have a toe amputation you may have an altered gait which means you will be less balanced. When this occurs, other body parts have to compensate for the loss of function of the toe and become injured. A common consequence of a toe amputation is an injury to your back. Our workers’ compensation attorney is experienced in reviewing medical records to ensure that you receive medical attention for other body parts that may be affected in the future.

Any time a part of your body has to be cut off due to an injury, it’s something that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. That’s true when you go to work, when you go home, at all times. “Learning to walk again” can be a very real, tangible thing. The journey may not be necessarily that easy. However, we can support you through the entire process, so that you can get the help you need to come through it.

What to Know About Insurance Companies and Toe Amputation

One such way we can do this is through dealings with the insurance company. When an adjuster from the insurance company comes to talk to you, they’re doing so on behalf of the insurance company. So, they’re looking for you to sign for less money than you deserve or, alternatively, to say something that could lessen your potential compensation.

For example, in cases that end up requiring some kind of amputation, maybe your toe “didn’t seem all that bad” right after the accident. Perhaps it hurts/there’s something wrong with it, but you’re not yet at the point where amputation is a necessity. So, when someone from the insurance company asks how you are, you might say “well, toes hurt, but it’s not that bad,” which, of course, would be perfectly true (at the moment).

Then, later, when it’s discovered that the toe does need to be amputated, the insurance company adjuster will try to use your words against you. That’s exactly the kind of situation that our workers’ compensation lawyer can help with. We make it so that you don’t have to deal with the insurance company; instead, they have to deal with us.

Having a toe amputated does not have to be the end. You shouldn’t have to deal with all of the resulting bills for medical care, physical rehabilitation, and other expenses. If you have a workers’ compensation case that deals with a toe being amputated (or really any other part of your body) call today for a free consultation.

amputation injury lawyer

No fee unless we win

If our workman’s compensation attorney does not win your case, then you don’t have to pay a dime. If we win your case, the attorney fee will come out of your settlement. You won’t have to pay our workers’ compensation lawyer out of your pocket.

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