Bus Accident Attorney Long Beach

People put a lot of trust in bus drivers. If you are involved in a bus accident you may be very confused as to how the accident occurred and whose fault the bus accident was. Yes, riding a bus is considered a safe way to travel. However, accidents can happen on the road at all times.

When you’re injured in an accident whether you’re on a bus that crashes or you’re hit by a bus, a California bus accident lawyer can make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

bus accident lawyer

Let Our California Bus Accident Lawyer Conduct The Investigation Of The Bus Accident

Our office is experienced in handling bus accidents cases. We will conduct an investigation as to how the bus accident occurred and figure out who will pay you for your injuries. We will review the traffic collision report, interview the occupants of the bus and the other vehicle involved in the collision.

“Bus accident” could have many definitions. It might mean that you were driving in your car and hit by a bus. It could be that you were a passenger on a bus and the bus got into an accident.

If You Are Injured in a Bus Accident, You May Be Entitled to Many Benefits Including:

Payment of all medical expenses, compensation for the medical care you may need later in your lifetime, Payment for current and future pain and suffering from your bus accident, and recovery for your current and future lost wages.

We’ll perform a thorough investigation to find out exactly who was responsible for the bus accident. Often, the bus driver is responsible. Bus drivers have to drive diligently and carefully, always with a focus on their passengers’ safety. When they don’t live up to that and someone gets injured, something must be done.

However, accidents involving buses aren’t always the fault of the bus driver. In fact, there could be multiple people at fault. The bus driver might not be the only party responsible. The bus could be poorly maintained, which would mean that others might be at fault.

There could have been some sort of mechanical error in the bus itself, something that might have been outside of the driver’s control. Ill-kept roads could have also played a part. When we take your case, we find all of the parties responsible.

No Fee Until We Win

Our California bus accident lawyer will represent you risk-free. You don’t have to pay us until we win your case and we front all the costs for prosecuting your case. If we don’t win, we don’t charge.

Receive The Medical Attention You Need

Our accident attorney will refer you to medical doctors that will do everything possible to help you recover. Also, the doctors that we refer you to won’t charge you a dime until your bus accident case is finished. It’s natural to be concerned about who’s going to pay for your injuries, how you’ll be able to pay for everything that you’ve been through, and so forth.

We can help you to get the necessary medical care so that you can focus on your recovery and leave the rest to us.

It can be particularly difficult when you’re driving a vehicle that a bus crashes into it. The truth is that there are few vehicles on the road that are bigger than a bus, so these accidents can take a real toll.

Too often, these accidents lead to serious injuries.

By that same token, when you’re riding on a bus, the last thing you expect to happen is to be in an accident. When you’re driving your vehicle, you at least have some kind of awareness that you have to be “on guard” at all times. You’re wearing your seatbelt, you have airbags, etc. — none of that is true when you’re on a bus.

These accidents, like so many others, are almost invariably unexpected, which can lead to tragedy. We can help you to get compensation for your injuries no matter how you’re hurt.

Statute Of Limitations

One common question for accidents, in general, is ‘how long can I wait to file my case?’, or ‘is it too late to present my case?’. Of course, you can wait forever to file your lawsuit. There is a limit of time. The law requires you to file a lawsuit for your personal injuries from a car accident within two years of the accident.

If the other party is a public entity, then you must file a claim within six months after your bus accident. Contact us right away to preserve your right to compensation for your personal injury. The last thing you want is to have to go through everything involving an accident, all of the pain, suffering, and more, only to receive less compensation than you deserve (if you receive compensation at all).

We understand that it’s not always easy to reach out to an attorney once you’ve been in a bus accident. That’s why we make it as simple as possible to schedule a free consultation.

With a California bus accident lawyer from our firm, we can be by your side every step of the way.

Call our bus accident lawyer today for a risk-free consultation.