California Car Accident Attorney Helps Passengers Injured in Accidents

California car accident attorney

When you are a passenger in a car accident, whether in a private or public vehicle, you may have access to financial compensation in the event of injuries or damages. Our California car accident attorney can help you access this compensation. Here’s how.

Passenger Accidents

As a passenger, car accidents and the resulting injuries are clearly not your fault, meaning you should not be financially responsible for them. These passenger injury cases are unique, so it is always a good idea to look for a good personal injury attorney who can make sure you get the compensation you need if you are going to get involved in them. Don’t worry, our California car accident attorney has you covered in that regard.

Determine the Consequences of Your Accident

What exactly qualifies as a passenger accident? If you suffered a vehicle accident and did not have control of the vehicle, then your experience is that of a passenger. This applies whether you are in a family member’s car, on a public bus, or on a train. As long as you are a passenger in the vehicle, you have the right to file a personal injury case in that regard. California’s liability legal system allows you to file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance without first having to incur a base amount of damages. Although you may initially hesitate to file a claim because you do not want to harm the driver of the vehicle, you should remember that the case will be fought against the insurance, not the driver himself.

Find the Help You Need

These cases will always be best handled by an experienced California car accident attorney such as Belal Hamideh. He possess the necessary knowledge in this area of the law to understand the inner workings of the insurance system. Nobody likes having to deal with insurance companies. Their policies and internal workings are almost explicitly designed to award the smallest amount of compensation possible to their insured clients. Not only that, but they are also deliberately written in a way that intentionally confuses and misleads the customer. You should not have to deal with insurance companies alone, especially while you or a loved one recovers from a passenger accident. That is when you will need the help of a good car accident lawyer to handle the claim.

California Car Accident Attorney

A California car accident attorney as Belal Hamideh has all the experience and knowledge necessary to properly take care of your case. Belal and his team will not only calculate exactly how much money you are owed for your accident, but they will also strive to fight on your behalf to get it. If you think you have an accident case on your hands, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. From then on, we will be in charge of representing you with all the experience and assertiveness that you deserve to be able to move forward and recover as you should. Call or email Belal Hamideh Law as soon as possible to get this process started.