Drowning Accident Attorney Explains Different Wrongful Death Cases

drowning accident attorney

Did you recently lose a loved one to drowning? Are you looking to hold those responsible for this death accountable? Let our drowning accident attorney help you build your whole case.

Understanding Drowning Accident Cases

It’s very important to understand that no two drowning accident cases are going to be the same. After all, the circumstances, the causes, and the consequences will always be different, and a drowning accident attorney will have to take a look at what happened in order to best determine the way to proceed with the ensuing case. The two big things to consider will be the general situation, meaning what was the victim doing when the drowning accident took place and where it took place. Let’s take a look at two common case scenarios for this. 

Drowning During the Course of Your Job

There are plenty of different jobs in which drowning is a real possibility. There are, for example, lifeguards, swimming performers, dock workers, ship crew, park rangers, fishermen, and plenty of other workers who might be at risk of drowning while performing their duties. And even if the job doesn’t actually involve that people be in or on the water, this is still a very real risk. From jobs as mundane as cleaning personnel working at a place with fountains or bodies of water, to theme park employees working on water-based rides, this is something that could happen to just about anyone. Either way, we are talking about a workplace death, so be sure to find a drowning accident attorney with experience in workers’ compensation so that you can build a proper and complete case.

Drowning Because of Property Negligence

Now, other common drowning cases will take place, not during the course of a job, but simply because of the negligence of the people who own and/or operate a property that the victim was in. For example, if a person is spending time at a city park and the bridge that they’re on gives in, resulting in their death by drowning, it’s the responsibility of the park to answer for this occurrence. Cases such as these are known as property liability cases, and they seek to receive the corresponding financial damages from those in charge of the property to compensate for the occurrence. We know that no amount of money can make up for the death of a loved one, but it can help you overcome some of the challenges that come along with this loss.

Drowning Accident Attorney

Injury law is a very wide-ranging field that covers all sorts of different legal aspects of getting injured. This means that there are different ways to approach each situation depending on how exactly the worker was wronged and what they will need in order to recover. With this in mind, Belal Hamideh Law and his team are ready to help you navigate your case in the best possible way so as to get you the restitution and compensation that you deserve. Get in touch with us to schedule your initial consultation and we’ll get started on building your case as soon as possible.