Here’s What to Do When You’re Dealing With a Longshore Accident

longshore accident

Piers, harbors, and docks are complicated work environments. They are, after all, necessary places for local and national commerce but they can also be very dangerous. The only reason they aren’t hubs of accidents and injuries is that longshore workers are very good at their jobs. Of course, a longshore accident can still happen, which is why there are protections in place for that.

longshore accident

Compensation For Longshore Workers

Here in the United States, there are protections in place for workers that suffer from accidents or injuries in the workplace. The laws in place exist as a safety net for workers who result hurt or inconvenienced throughout the course of performing their jobs. When workplace accidents occur, a workers’ company attorney can take a closer look at the case in question and get the worker the money that they deserve for their medical recovery and missing wages. This process will be fairly similar from workplace to workplace, since it’s based on the general protections in place for workers in California. However, there are specific laws in place to protect longshoremen in cases of accidents and injuries.

Specific Protections For Longshore Workers

When it comes to longshore workers, there are specific protections under California law beyond the ones that apply for jobs in general. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act serves to help harbor and maritime workers in different fields who have been injured while repairing, unloading, and loading vessels. In these cases, a competent attorney can also help longshore workers get compensation if they are injured because of a third party’s recklessness, malice, or negligence. Through the LHWCA, workers can’t exactly sue an employer, but they can sue third parties for damages. Additionally, this law can also be implemented to protect you when you are infected or catch a disease while at work. A longshore accident attorney can help you navigate these different avenues for your case.

Proceeding After a Longshore Accident

So, you went through a longshore workplace accident. What should you do now? Well, no worker should ever feel unsafe while performing your job, so an accident or injury serves as a betrayal of that trust and comfort that you should be able to rely on while you’re working. This is why, should you be put in this situation, you should reach out to a longshore accident attorney who can help you through this. They will be able to take a look at your case, calculate the compensation that you deserve for what you went through, and help you get it. That is what a workers’ compensation attorney will be there for.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The main objective of an employment attorney will be to make sure you receive the monetary compensation that you deserve following the longshore accident you went through. What does this include? Well, it essentially includes compensation for all the expenses you had to incur upon because of the problem you’re having. For example, this means getting money for medical treatment you might need, salaries you might lose because of the situation, and the pain and suffering that you went through. A good California workers’ compensation will make sure that you don’t have to settle for any less than you deserve.