Hiring The Right Employment Attorney if You Are Amputated Due to a Work Accident

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If you work in the production industry, transport, packaging, mechanical, or construction industry, you are at a greater risk of being involved in a serious accident that can lead to amputation of your hand or leg. A lot can change in your life including limited mobility, loss of income and employers might no longer hire you. Since your life has to continue, you need to start the process of hiring an attorney to help you get compensation. You will need to hire an LB employment attorney.

LB Employment Attorney

Help with Investigations

Your employer might be the one who failed to do due diligence on taking measures to prevent work-related injuries. When your employer realizes he’s the one to blame, he might want to pass all the blame to you and escape court battles and compensation.

Hiring an LB employment lawyer will help you conduct in-depth investigations on the cause of injury and establish who is to blame for the injury or accident that resulted in your amputation.

You Need More Power to Negotiate Compensation

After your injury and amputation, you immediately get the right to be compensated by your employer or worker’s compensation insurance. A court of law can decide on the amount of compensation good for you. Your employer can also decide to engage you in negotiation and seek to make the process favor him. Hiring an LB Employment Attorney will give you a greater advantage against your employer because your lawyer knows every item you should be included in the negotiation.

Your case can Proceed to Court

You can feel you didn’t get a fair deal from your employer or the insurance and instead of accepting the offer, you decide to proceed to court and seek a better deal. Your employer will not wait to receive a court ruling and pay you, but he will hire a lawyer to defend him in court.

Since you are not experienced in matters of law, you need someone with experience in law to help you. You will get a better chance to win the case if you hire an LB employment lawyer to defend you in court. The lawyer will also help you advise the court on the best amount of compensation worth your level of injury and loss.

The workers’ compensation insurance might fail to pay

The workers’ compensation insurance might do their investigations and decide you are not eligible for compensation. You can lose your right to compensation and fail to get money to help you start your life afresh or continue with post-amputation therapy. Your personal injury attorney California can help reverse the decision and you get your full compensation according to law.

An experienced LB Employment Attorney is a Call Away

Workplace accidents happen often and can sometimes lead to amputation. Your life can change drastically and without an arm or foot, you will be limited to the activities you can do to earn a living. Our experienced worker’s compensation lawyer will help you get fair compensation for your injuries, amputation, loss of income, and so on. Call on our team for help (562) 526-1224.