Quick Guide to City of California Workers’ Compensation

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When it comes to workers’ compensation, while most of the cases are going to follow a similar structure, there are slight differences in some situations. For example, there are going to be variations on the case depending on whether the injured employee was a public or private worker. City of California workers’ compensation, for example, will often involve self-insured government agencies. The process will vary whether you’re dealing with insurance companies or not, so it’s always good to have a good workers’ comp lawyer who can take care of the whole thing regardless of the specifics. Let’s take a look at how public and private cases will sometimes differ.

City of California Workers’ Compensation

When it comes to most private employers, particularly when you’re not dealing with large companies with enough assets, they will usually be insured by a third party company. Smaller companies will often purchase an insurance policy that can cover obligations for work-related injuries to their employees. When employers are insured, workers’ compensation cases are taken up against the insurance company rather than by the company itself. However, a lot of large companies employ a mixed approach. For example, some companies might have the insurance company investigate the claims while paying for the settlement or compensation themselves. In either situation, the case will be handled with the insurer rather than with the company itself. This is not always the case with government employees.

Workers’ Comp for Government Employees

Workers’ compensation cases with government employees tend to work differently. This is because a lot of government entities, be them at a local, state, or federal level, are usually self-insured. What does this mean? Well, they themselves choose to be liable for potential risks, health costs, and similar compensation, rather than to relegate liability to a third party. In these government agencies, the benefits provided by them as employers, such as health or disability benefits, are funded by a specified pool of assets within the company. In contrast to traditional workers’ compensation insurance where the risk is transferred to the insurer, the employer ultimately retains the full financial risk of paying claims. This means that any City of California workers’ compensation claim will be dealt with directly with the government agency.

City of California Workers’ Compensation

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