workman’s compensation lawyer in Long Beach

Yes, You Need a Workman’s Compensation Lawyer in Long Beach

While you may never think that you are going to get hurt at work, even the person who is diligent and aware can fall victim to an accident like faulty machinery, a slip and fall on a wet floor in a warehouse, a tumble on the stairs, or other workplace accident. When it does happen…

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worker’s comp lawyers in Long Beach

Get a Fair Settlement with the Help of a Worker’s Comp Lawyers in Long Beach

Workplace injuries seem to be on the rise these days. People are working longer hours each day and are asked to do more than ever, pushing themselves to the limits. Working this way can lead to mistakes happening, to equipment breakdowns, and for accidents occurring that can lead to someone getting hurt. Many of the…

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workers compensation lawyer in long beach on injuries

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Long Beach on Injuries

Injuries in the workplace can happen at almost any time. In our modern day, many of us tend to think of our workplace as safe spots. We believe them to be somewhere we’re safe, where we don’t even worry about our safety. Unfortunately, work injuries can happen at all times. Additionally, they can build up…

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Independent Medical Review in Workers Compensation

Independent Medical Review in workers compensation A large part of the workers compensation case is making sure that the injured worker receives all the medical treatment he/she needs. When an injured worker’s treating physician believes that the injured worker needs a specific type of medical treatment, that physician submits a Request For Authorization of that…

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Uninsured Employers

Uninsured Employers If you are an employer it is illegal to not have workers compensation insurance. It does not matter if you have one employee or if you have 1,000 employees. Workers Compensation is a requirement for employers of all sizes and types. When you get injured on the job, you report your injury to…

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Reporting a Work Accident and Starting a Workers Compensation Case

After getting injured at work, a lot of employees are confused, scared and are not sure what they should do. A lot of employees are scared that if they are reporting a work accident to their employer, that their job may be at danger. Under Labor Code 132A, it is illegal for an employer to…

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