What Constitutes “Wrongful Death” from Belal Hamideh Law

Losing a loved one is always tragic, one of the worst struggles of a person’s life. It can be even more difficult if you believe that your loved one’s death may have been caused due to someone else’s negligence and/or recklessness. If you believe that may have occurred, it’s entirely possible that you have a wrongful death case. Belal Hamideh Law has represented survivors in many of these cases, helping survivors to receive compensation to build a nest egg for the next stage of their lives. 

What “Wrongful Death” Means 

Essentially, “wrongful death,” in a legal sense, means that someone lost their life due to someone else’s negligent, improper, unjust, and/or reckless actions. These are civil cases, so they’re separate and different from criminal ones. In fact, many survivors sue defendants who were acquitted of murder in a criminal trial for wrongful death. If your spouse, your parent, or other family member’s death may be a result of someone else’s actions, it’s worth it to reach out to us for a free case evaluation to determine the truth. 

Wrongful Death Accidents 

Many of the wrongful death cases that Belal Hamideh and the team here have represented clients involve accidents. Vehicular accidents where the other party was negligent, reckless, driving under the influence, etc., and their actions caused an accident the result of which, unfortunately, led to the passing of a loved one. That said, other accidents can result in wrongful death, too: accidents at construction sites, slip and fall accidents, accidents at the workplace, etc. When we take your case, we can get right to work determining exactly who was responsible for your loved ones’ passing and then we can do everything in our power to make sure that you receive what you should. 

Other Kinds of Wrongful Death Cases 

It’s important to note that not all wrongful death cases are the result of an accident, a fall, a crash, and so forth. Unfortunately, all too often, wrongful death results from medical malpractice. A medical professional may make mistakes during surgery, in terms of medicating, their treatment may be improper, they could even miss a terminal illness/injury, and so forth. Wrongful deaths can also occur from defective products. If a product is so defective and flawed as to fatally wound someone, you may very well have a strong case.

Belal Hamideh Law Helps Survivors 

No amount of compensation, no matter how steep, can ever make up for losing someone that you love. What it can do is cover the bills that may have accrued as a result of your loved one’s injury and passing (such as medical bills, funeral costs, and the like). All of our case evaluations are free and you don’t have to pay us for anything, period, unless we win. We win 99% of the time and look forward to putting our experience to work for you. To schedule a case evaluation, you can message us through our site or give us a call.