Workers’ Compensation Lawyer on the Dos and Don’ts

workers compensation lawyer

Were you injured while doing your job? Have you suffered an injury while working? If so, in California, you’re eligible for workers’ compensation. That’s true whether the injury was “your fault” or not. Belal Hamideh, experienced workers compensation lawyer, has helped many to receive all of the compensation they deserved. There are some actions you can take (and some you can avoid) to help your case as well as your health. 

Do: Tell Your Employer as Quickly As Possible 

Your safety is paramount—ensure you are in a secure place away from danger. It’s crucial to report the incident to your employer promptly, regardless of whether you feel injured or not. This report can potentially prompt your employer to implement enhanced safety measures. 

Do: Receive Medical Attention 

Seeking medical attention immediately is vital, especially if you’ve sustained injuries. In case of injuries, report them promptly. Don’t wait. Don’t try to “tough through it.” That doesn’t help you, your health, the people you rely on you, or your job. Instead, it increases the risk of further harm. Get medical attention quickly. 

Do: Document Your Accident as Well as Your Injury If You Can Do So Safely

Documenting the situation can significantly strengthen your case. Take photographs, gather witness statements—every detail matters. Focus on that which may be replaced (such as environmental damage, stains, and the like). Document your injuries as well. 

Do: Reach Out to a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

Engaging a workers’ compensation lawyer significantly improves your chances of receiving the full compensation you deserve. For starters, Belal will vigorously negotiate with the insurance company to maximize your benefits. Remember: insurance companies often aim to minimize payouts to injured workers.

Belal can connect you with medical providers, facilitating your recovery without incurring out-of-pocket expenses. They can also gather compelling medical evidence to support your claim and represent you in workers’ compensation hearings, if necessary.

Moreover, Belal can let you know whether or not you have a “crossover case.” In these, your case and your injury may involve the negligence of a third party, in addition to yourself and your employer. In this kind of case, additional compensation beyond workers’ compensation may be pursued. A seasoned workers’ compensation attorney is crucial in navigating such complexities.

Don’t: Fail to File for Workers Compensation Due to Fear of Retaliation

Firing an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim is illegal in California, protected by FEHA and ADA. However, instances of such retaliation can occur, disguised as other reasons. Legal recourse, including penalties and back pay, exists for those wronged by such actions. Belal can represent you as aggressively as possible. If you believe you were retaliated against, it’s worth contacting an attorney immediately. 

workers compensation lawyer

Do: Contact Belal Hamideh Today 

If you were injured at work, it’s worth it to reach out to an attorney with experience. Belal has helped so many who were hurt at work, even those whose initial workers compensation claims were denied. 

We operate on a contingency basis—our fees only come from your compensation. Contact us for a free case evaluation with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer through our site or by calling. We’re here to help you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.