Workers Compensation Lawyer Long Beach

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Long Beach Explains Your Rights

When you can’t work because of an on-the-job injury, you are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. These are benefits paid by your employer so that you won’t have to struggle financially while recovering. If you’re a worker who has been injured and unable to work or a family member of someone who has been injured…

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Employment Lawyer Long Beach

How an Employment Lawyer in Long Beach Can Help

Have you been harassed at work? Did you work overtime and you weren’t paid for it? Were you fired for reasons other than performance? Those are the kinds of unfortunate situations that too many think they just have to accept. “It’s a shame, but there’s nothing I can do” – far too many workers have…

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Personal Injury Attorney Near Me

“Personal Injury Attorney Near Me” – What to Look For

Have you typed “personal injury attorney near me” into your browser and you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for? Or, alternatively, have you typed that into your phone and you’re less than pleased with the attorneys that came up? You can’t be too careful when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney. It’s…

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Auto Accident Attorney Long Beach

An Auto Accident Attorney in Long Beach for Any Kind of Auto Accident

Are you looking for an auto accident attorney in Long Beach you can trust? Were you or someone you love recently hurt in an accident and you aren’t sure what the next step is? Here at Belal Hamideh Law, Belal and the rest of our team have handled many auto accident cases over the years….

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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Long Beach

What a Pro Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Long Beach Wants You to Do

Were you injured on the job and aren’t sure what to do? Are you concerned about reporting your at-work injury? That’s understandable. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, unfortunately, about workers’ compensation. If you’re injured on the job in California, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Full stop. That’s true even if the accident…

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Car Accident Lawyer Long Beach

How the Right Car Accident Lawyer in Long Beach Can Help

After any car accident, you might be left feeling confused and uncertain about what to do next. The stress of being in an accident, dealing with the aftermath, and worrying about your physical recovery can all be overwhelming. Fortunately, a car accident lawyer in Long Beach professional can help you with your recovery. Why You…

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Auto Accident Attorney Long Beach

Don’t Deal with Insurance Companies – Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer in Long Beach First

Do you have questions about your insurance policy or how to handle a claim? It may seem like there’s not much to think about when it comes to paying your policy, or even when making a claim. However, an insurance company’s business model does not make things that simple. Why You Need to Speak to…

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Accident Lawyer Long Beach

What an Accident Lawyer in Long Beach Says to Do After an Accident

You see the car ahead of you swerve and swerve again, narrowly avoiding a collision. Then, you hear that terrifying crunch as the other car hits a telephone pole. Your heart sinks as you realize they’ve just been in an Accident Lawyer Long Beach. What do you do? What should you do if this happens…

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Personal Injury Attorney Long Beach

Most Common Reasons to Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Long Beach

Personal injury attorneys work on cases involving everything from car, truck, and motorcycle accidents to property liability disasters like house fires, slip-and-falls, and wrongful death. If you’ve been wounded, there are many common reasons why you should call a personal injury attorney in Long Beach to be on your side. The amount of compensation you…

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