Torrance Accident Attorney: What to Know About Motorcycle Accidents

Have you recently been in a motorcycle accident and aren’t sure what to do next? Are you trying to go about your days yet feel like there’s something that you’re forgetting, something you should do but aren’t? Nothing in life can prepare you for having been in a motorcycle accident or any kind of vehicular accident. Belal Hamideh, Torrance accident attorney, can help motorcyclists who were injured in accidents as well as those who were injured in accidents involving motorcycles. 

The Motorcyclist Isn’t Usually at Fault 

One of the more common reasons that motorcyclists don’t reach out to an attorney after an accident is some version of: “Well, I ride a motorcycle and I just figured that most people are going to assume the accident was my fault.” Actually, the reverse is true. In most accident cases involving a motorcycle, the motorcyclist isn’t at fault. As such, if you were on your motorcycle when you were injured in an accident, it’s worth reaching out to an experienced attorney to see what caliber of case you may have. 

Get Medical Help After Any Motorcycle Accident 

Hopefully, in the event that you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you weren’t harmed. However, it’s entirely possible that you have suffered injuries and yet nothing “broke the skin,” nor are there other visible signs of physical injury on your body or the bodies of anyone involved in the accident. Even if that is the case, seek medical help anyway. Why? Because it’s entirely possible that you or others involved in the accident suffered internal injuries which you may not be aware of due to shock, adrenaline, and other factors. 

How to Best Minimize the Risk of Motorcycle Accidents 

No matter how conscientious a motorcyclist you are, your level of experience or how careful you are on the roads, you cannot eliminate the possibility of injury. That said, there are some steps you can take to reduce the possibility of a serious injury. Practice “defensive riding” whenever possible. The more you know about your motorcycle and how it operates, the better you’ll be. On that subject, depending on your model, an overreliance on your rear brakes can put you at greater risk of injury. So, you don’t want them to be the only thing keeping you from being harmed. 

A Torrance Accident Attorney Who Can Help Motorcyclists 

Over the years, Belal and the team here have helped so many who were injured in accidents involving motorcycles. To that end, we can help you to recover economic as well as non-economic damages. The latter include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and so forth. The former are damages related to injuries that are a direct result of your accident, such as medical bills, rehabilitation, doctor visits, and so forth. During a free case evaluation, we can let you know what your case is worth and how we can help to make that come to pass. Schedule it by calling us or messaging us through our site.