The Truth About Vehicle Accidents from a Torrance Accident Attorney

Are you looking for the right accident attorney who understands Torrance? Do you want to work with a true Torrance accident attorney, someone that’s familiar with the area? That’s Belal Hamideh and the team here. Torrance is part of Los Angeles County, yes, but Torrance is also its own unique area as well. Over the years, Belal has helped many to receive the maximum compensation for their injuries. Now, we can put that experience to work for you. 

Motor-Vehicle Deaths in California are Becoming More Common  

Unfortunately, in the last decade, motor-vehicle deaths have, with some small drop-offs, worsened. Statista shows a steady incline from 2014 through 2022. Yes, 2022 had roughly 60 fewer deaths than in 2021, but it was still roughly a thousand more than in 2014. Losing someone in a vehicular accident can be one of the greatest challenges a person ever goes through. If it happened to you, we can help you to receive maximum compensation so that you can have a foundation from which to transition to the next phase of your life. 

Torrance Has Fewer Accidents Than Other Cities, But… 

In terms of “victims killed & injured” from the “California Office of Traffic Safety,” the last set of numbers, posted for 2020, put Torrance in the “middle of the pack,” so to speak. Torrance ranks 27th out of 61 ranked areas throughout California. However, that means 567 victims were killed and injured in accidents in and around Torrance. That number is, by any measure, far, far too high. If you have been injured in an accident in Torrance or the surrounding area, Belal and the team can help you to recover the maximum compensation that you deserve. 

DUI and Torrance 

Going further down on that chart from the Office of Traffic Safety, you’ll note that Torrance and the surrounding area also rank far too high in terms of number of DUI arrests with 132. That’s 13th out of all areas ranked in the entire state of California. Belal has mentioned it in many blogs, press releases, and elsewhere, but it is never, ever a good idea to get behind the wheel after consuming any alcohol. If you consume alcohol (or plan on doing so when away from home), schedule a rideshare, get a designated driver, or some other measure to ensure that you and others on the road get home safe. 

Pro Torrance Accident Attorney on Your Side 

When you go out on the road in Torrance, you expect to be safe. You expect to make it home. If you’re like so many in the region, you drive as safely and carefully as possible so as to ensure the best outcome. When someone hurts you through their negligence and/or recklessness, you deserve to be compensated for all of your injuries and more. Belal and the rest of our Torrance team can help. For a free case evaluation, you can call us or send us a message through our site.