Uber Eats Accident Lawyer

uber eats accident lawyer

Were hurt in an accident involving an Uber Eats driver? Do you drive for Uber Eats and have been injured in a crash? While these services can be convenient for consumers and a way for drivers to make money, they also can put more vehicles on the road. If you’ve been hurt in an accident due to someone else’s negligence and/or recklessness, then you deserve to be compensated for it. Belal Hamideh can help. 

An Uber Eats accident lawyer, Belal can turn your personal injury into a personal victory. If there’s even the slightest chance that you might have a case, it’s worth reaching out for a free case evaluation. Hablamos Espanol. 

What are Uber Eats Insurance Policies? 

According to “AutoInsurance.org,” which is an “objective, third-party resource for everything auto insurance related,” Uber Eats “maintains third-party liability auto insurance coverage for drivers while using the (Uber Eats) app. The coverage limits depend on whether you’re waiting for a delivery request or are actively working on an order.” 

It is important to keep in mind that “Uber Eats insurance only applies when the app is on, and (the Uber Eats driver) is available as a driver.” 

As the Uber Eats driver is waiting for a delivery, Uber Eats insurance limits are: 

$50,000/$100,000 in bodily injury liability per person/per accident and $25,000 in property damage liability per accident. 

When the driver is heading to and from a delivery location, Uber Eats coverage provides: 

$1 million in combined third-party liability insurance as well as comprehensive and collision insurance if the driver’s personal auto insurance consists of that coverage. 

Here in our state of California, “Uber Eats will also cover personal injury protection insurance, which can include medical expenses, survivor benefits, and disability payments in the event of an accident.” 

That said, the bottom line to remember about this insurance is that it is limited at best. As the site goes on to say: “Uber Eats insurance only provides liability coverage, which only covers injuries and damages to the other driver and vehicle. If you (the Uber Eats driver) are injured or your car is damaged, Uber Eats will not pay for medical expenses in 49 states.” 

As you can see, these cases can be very complicated quickly. If you’re in an accident involving Uber Eats, we can bring a suit against all responsible. In many cases, this is the other driver. In some cases, it may be possible (albeit unlikely) to bring a case against Uber Eats itself. Drawing upon our experience, we can find any and all parties responsible for your accident and bring a suit against them, so that you can recover the maximum damages. 

What Do I Do If I’m in an Uber Eats Accident? 

Remove yourself from further harm. Getting out of the road, away from a dangerous vehicle, removing yourself from other hazards – do what you must to take yourself out of harm’s way safely. 

Examine yourself and others for injuries. Even if you don’t find any, call 911. Best case scenario: no one is injured. Yet, it’s still worth being examined by medical professionals, as you could have suffered some kind of internal injury of which there’s no external evidence yet. 

The police will be able to help in a variety of ways, not the least of which is by providing you with a police report about the accident. This can provide many benefits to your eventual case. 

Name, contact information, and insurance: that’s what you should get from the other driver(s). Be polite. Be cordial. Don’t ever say or do anything that could even be construed or misinterpreted as apologizing, saying you’re “sorry,” or anything of that nature for the accident. 

Document the evidence as best you can safely. Should your phone work, take pictures and videos. Damage to the vehicles. Injuries. Environmental damage such as skid marks, downed trees, damage to buildings, guard rails, and so forth. All of that can be removed, replaced, and fixed. So, getting the evidence while you can may be invaluable to your case. 

Once you’ve done all of the above, contact us for a free case evaluation. From there, we can take your case and represent you as aggressively as possible. 

What Do I Do If I’m an Uber Eats Driver in an Accident? 

Basically, you should perform all of the actions mentioned in the previous section. As an Uber Eats driver, you are just as eligible for compensation should you have been injured in a vehicular accident that wasn’t your fault as anyone else on the road would be. 

When Belal does your free case evaluation, he’ll go through your case and determine any and all parties that are liable. Then, he’ll bring a case against all of them, so that you can recover the maximum amount of damages that you deserve. 

What Kinds of Damages Can I Claim for an Uber Eats Accident? 

After you’ve been injured in a California car accident, you can be eligible for both economic as well as noneconomic damages. Economic damages tend to cover those bills that may result from injuries you suffered in the accident: medical bills, rehabilitation bills, medication bills, physical therapy bills, and so forth. 

If you’re unable to go back to work for a period (or even unable to go back to work at all) then you may be able to recover compensation for the wages you lost due to your injuries. 

Noneconomic damages, then, are for the pain you may be dealing with, your suffering, if your quality of life has diminished, if you’ve lost consortium, and so forth. 

We will go over your case and let you know exactly what damages we believe you can claim. Then, we’ll get right to work making sure that you recover everything you should. 

When Should I File an Uber Eats Accident Claim? 

The sooner you do so, the better. In a majority of California vehicle accident cases, you have up to two years to bring a case. But, in some cases, you may have less than that. The other side will not be waiting around – they’ll be marshaling their forces as quickly as possible. Besides, the earlier you reach out to an experienced attorney, the earlier you can recover your due compensation. 

Attorney to Help With Uber Eats Accidents in California 

Belal Hamideh and the team here work on contingency. All that means is that you don’t pay for our services out of pocket. Instead, you only pay if we win. On top of that, our payment typically comes out of your eventual settlement. 

We understand how challenging this time can be. If we can help you, we will. Schedule a free case evaluation with us through our site or by calling us.