What to do if UBER gets in accident?

In the unfortunate event of an accident while using UBER, your first priority should be your safety.

If you are unharmed, check on the wellbeing of others. Immediately dial 911 if there are casualties.

Regardless of visible injuries, medical consultation is essential as not all damages might be immediate due to possible shock. It’s mandatory to inform the police and get a detailed report once they reach the accident spot.

Accumulating evidence is of paramount importance; secure the Uber driver’s and other involved parties’ information, including any eyewitnesses. Provided it’s safe, photograph the accident spot and any personal injuries for future use. Document the precise accident area as well.

Subsequently, seek expert legal consultation; you could qualify for compensation, and a seasoned lawyer can navigate you through the procedure. Belal Hamideh stands out from other UBER accident lawyers due to his experience, track record, and other factors. 

This is applicable whether you were a passenger or driver with UBER, or involved in an collision with an UBER. Although hauling UBER to court is exceedingly difficult, receiving compensation for damages is achievable.

The Role of an UBER Accident Attorney

Were you ever caught in an unfortunate incident involving Uber or any other such rideshare service? Whether you were behind the wheel, seated as a passenger, or just ambling down the road on foot, it is your right to seek compensation. Rideshare services have blossomed into an essential aspect of modern life, providing a convenient alternative for commuting and ensuring safety after a long night out. However, accidents do not discriminate between a regular motorist and an experienced rideshare driver. If you’ve been on the receiving end of injuries due to such an incident, engaging an Uber accident attorney could be an invaluable step towards you reclaiming your rights.

Perhaps you were a passenger in an Uber or were hit by one. Regardless, it’s essential to remember that you didn’t ask for those injuries you’re nursing. The ripple effects of the accident could result in a plethora of challenges, including exorbitant medical expenses, lost wages due to inability to work, an indefinite period of physical therapy, among other things. At Belal Hamideh Law, we have a wide-spanning and successful experience with such cases. Our expertise becomes your weapon to claim the complete compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

So what do you do when you find yourself in the midst of an Uber accident as a passenger? A few steps can help you prepare for what lies ahead. Safety is the gold standard; if possible, the driver must steer the vehicle away from potential danger, or you should prompt them to do so. If you are capable and the situation permits, gauge the magnitude of your injuries and those around you.

Call upon the emergency services. In situations involving severe injuries, don’t hesitate to request an ambulance. Regardless of whether your injuries are visible or not, it is critical to seek medical attention as the effects of shock can often camouflage serious injuries. Ensure a police report is filed once they’re on the scene.

Collecting evidence, if possible, is another crucial step. Go beyond just the Uber driver’s credentials such as their name, license, and insurance. Don’t shy away from gathering similar information from other participants, including eyewitnesses. If it’s safe, take photographs of the damaged vehicles, the accident site, and any injuries. Document the exact location of the incident.

Consulting an attorney can make all the difference in situations like these. You might very well be eligible for compensation and an expert attorney can make sure that you receive it.

What if you were hit by an Uber driver? Your rights as a victim remain undisturbed. The main priority is your safety. The same procedures apply. Collect the driver’s information without delay. Prompt medical help is of utmost importance, as some serious injuries may take a while to become apparent. Once you are in a position to do so, seek help from an attorney skilled in matters like these.

If you were driving for Uber at the time of your accident, your next steps should involve completing the standard procedures and obtaining the other driver’s details. It is pertinent at this juncture to engage the services of a lawyer who is well-versed in rideshare accident laws, especially if the accident was caused through no fault of your own. Uber has proven time and again that it does not prioritize its drivers’ interests, as evident from the controversial California Assembly Bill 5. The legalities surrounding these situations are complex and Uber will leave no stone unturned to avoid financial liability. By engaging a seasoned attorney, you position yourself on the best footing to claim the compensation that you justly deserve.

Understanding Uber’s Insurance Coverage and Guidelines

Uber provides insurance for its drivers, but the specifics of this coverage can be somewhat complex. Essentially, the extent of the coverage depends on the operational status of the driver at the time of a potential accident – whether the driver was “offline” or not logged into the Uber app, or was in the varying stages of service, namely “Period 1”, “Period 2”, or “Period 3”.

When “offline”, that is, not logged onto the Uber app, any incident that occurs falls under the purview of the driver’s personal car insurance. Thus, in the event of an accident during this time, the driver’s own insurance handles the damages since Uber’s coverage is not applicable.

The term “Period 1” refers to a particular timeframe when an Uber driver is signed into the app but has not yet accepted a ride request. In this phase, Uber’s insurance policy includes a $100,000 maximum for injury liability coverage per accident, $50,000 for individual injury liability coverage per accident, and $30,000 for property damage liability per incident.

“Period 2” and “Period 3”, on the other hand, pertain to the time when a driver agrees to a ride request (Period 2) and when they collect their passenger (Period 3). During these stages, Uber provides $1 million in both uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage and commercial auto insurance. Notably, an extra $50,000 in bodily injury coverage is extended during Period 2 if the driver is yet to accept a ride request.

It is critical to bear in mind that Uber has a history of trying to minimize compensation for accident victims and even denying liability altogether. We are wholly committed to ensuring that you do not become a victim of such activities.

What are my Legal Recourse if I am Involved in an Uber Accident?

In the past, those affected by accidents involving Uber have attempted to sue the company directly, particularly when the mishap was the result of negligence or reckless driving. However, Uber generally argues that their drivers are independent contractors rather than employees. With the passage of California’s Assembly Bill 5, this position is now subject to debate. Consulting with a legal expert specializing in Uber accidents is the most effective path to ascertain who to sue.

Determining accountability in an Uber accident is similar to other vehicular accidents. If you suffered injuries in a mishap while the Uber driver was active on the app, and the driver’s negligence or recklessness primarily caused the accident, filing a claim could be your best bet.

In California, the legal standard for negligence includes the breach of duty of care owed to you by the defendant, and if this negligence was the primary cause of your injuries. This negligence could take various forms including drunk driving, texting while driving, overspeeding, violating traffic rules, or simple lack of focus. We have a proven track record in assisting clients in similar scenarios, establishing negligence on the part of rideshare drivers, and ensuring compensation for avoidable injuries.

Understanding the Worth of Your Uber Accident Claim in California

Navigating the complex landscape of financial recovery following an accident can be daunting. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand that the potential restitution from your Uber accident case in California is tethered to several aspects. Key components include the severity of your injuries, the ripple effect of the accident on your earning ability, the extent of your discomfort and distress, as well as your recovery trajectory and prospective health care needs.

These elements fall under the category of ‘economic damages,’ which are tangible and therefore quantifiable. According to the Golden State’s legal framework, victims of accidents are justified in seeking compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages encompass all the medical bills stirred up by the accident—this can range from ambulance charges, operations, recuperative treatments, to continuous physiotherapy.

Moreover, if the accident shackles you with incapacity, curbing your ability to work, you may qualify for economic damages for lost income. In fact, you can even demand compensation for any reduction in your earning potential, if the accident confines your capacity to carry out your occupational duties as efficiently as you used to.

Moving beyond the realm of the tangible, non-economic damages are designed to mitigate intangible losses. These can take various forms such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, an altered way of life caused by the accident, abandoned hobbies, emotional turmoil, injuries that culminate in impairments or physical constraints (including permanent disfigurement), or even a downgraded standard of living. Our steadfast commitment at Belal Hamideh Law is to advocate relentlessly for our clients to secure the maximum possible compensation for their endured hardships.

When Does Your Uber Claim Need to Be Filed?

According to California’s legal provisions, victims of rideshare accidents are given a two-year window from the date of occurrence to file their claim. However, should the accident involve a state or federal vehicle, this grace period is trimmed to six months. It is advisable to seek professional legal guidance as soon as possible, to speed up your compensation procedure.

Why Securing an Uber Accident Attorney Can Work in Your Favor

Uber offers a convenient, safe commuting option across California. Yet, accidents are unpredictable, and should you experience one, you might have a valid claim for compensation. This is where having an attorney who specializes in rideshare accidents can be a game-changer. We are adept at standing up to insurance firms on your behalf.

Belal Hamideh Law, as a seasoned Uber accident attorney, has been a pillar of support for numerous individuals whose uncomplicated rides transformed into unfortunate accidents. We operate on a no-win-no-fee basis, reinforcing your right to compensation for your tribulations.

Our proficiency at Belal Hamideh Law extends across the legal scope of personal injury and wrongful termination. Our principal lawyer, Belal Hamideh, boasts an impressive track record, having successfully navigated hundreds of cases and recouped millions of dollars for our clients, with a 99% success rate.

Graduating from esteemed institutions like University of California, Los Angeles, and Pepperdine School of Law, Mr. Hamideh mirrors his commitment through his stellar performance, resulting in his accolade from The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys (AIOPIA) as one of the Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys for Client Satisfaction.

Having previously served Federal and State Judges, Mr. Hamideh is prepared to take each case as far as trial if necessary, ensuring his clients receive the fair compensation they are due. Emphasizing customer service, our seasoned and supportive legal team is geared to efficiently handle cases.

Our unique system includes a contingency fee basis, which implies no charges until we win your case. For optimal results, we suggest hiring Mr. Hamideh as your attorney right at the outset, ensuring your case is rightly managed from inception to conclusion.

Serving all of California, Mr. Hamideh deals with all cases, big or small, with equal zeal. His availability for free consultations and swift responsiveness to calls sets him apart from his contemporaries. His exceptional performance in the field has earned him a place in The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 under 40.

Joining our formidable legal team from July 2021 is Dawn Ly, a seasoned civil litigator certified to practice in California, with over 15 years of experience. A graduate of University of California, Los Angeles, and UCLA School of Law, Dawn is an invaluable addition to our team. Her widespread practice includes workers’ compensation, personal injury, and wrongful termination cases, with a focus on third-party liability claims. Her expertise equips clients injured at work to maintain both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury action if the accident was inadvertently triggered by another employer’s staff.

If you have any further questions about what to do if you’re in such an accident or to schedule a free case evaluation, message us through our site or call.