Employment Lawyer in Long Beach

Employment Attorneys: Protecting Workers’ Rights and Resolving Workplace Disputes

Do you have a workplace dispute with your boss? It might be time to hire an employment lawyer in Long Beach. Often, issues are resolved with open communication. But there are times when the intervention of a lawyer is necessary so that you can obtain the compensation or justice you deserve. This is especially true…

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Employment Lawyer Long Beach

How an Employment Lawyer in Long Beach Can Help

Have you been harassed at work? Did you work overtime and you weren’t paid for it? Were you fired for reasons other than performance? Those are the kinds of unfortunate situations that too many think they just have to accept. “It’s a shame, but there’s nothing I can do” – far too many workers have…

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Long Beach employment lawyer

Can I Sue if I am Suspended for Non-Work-Related Social Media Posts?

This topic was brought into the spotlight in early 2021 when Gina Carano was fired by Disney for daring to be a stunning and brave woman who spoke her mind. She made inoffensive remarks on Twitter that had nothing to do with her work or her employer. But she has fired anyway because Disney doesn’t…

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employment lawyer in long beach

Suing for Harassment or Discrimination? Employment Lawyer in Long Beach

Don’t let discrimination or harassment at work get the best of you. Always remember that you can take certain steps to protect your rights as an employee. Taking such actions can help prevent any further mistreatment and consequently, improve your situation at work. It can also help prove your case while preserving your right to…

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