Suing for Harassment or Discrimination? Employment Lawyer in California

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Don’t let discrimination or harassment at work get the best of you. Always remember that you can take certain steps to protect your rights as an employee. Taking such actions can help prevent any further mistreatment and consequently, improve your situation at work. It can also help prove your case while preserving your right to sue should you decide to take this to court later by filing a discrimination or harassment case with the help of an employment lawyer in California

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Speak with the Offender First

Although this suggestion may feel awkward and unpleasant, try confronting the person involved first. This is one of the most effective ways to bring the person’s behavior to a halt. Moreover, putting the violator on notice helps you prove important facts should you decide later to sue the offender.

The most effective way of proving harassment is to tell him you feel offended by his behavior. If the confrontation does not improve your situation, it would be best to write down all of these concerns and keep one copy for your records. This will help your California employment lawyer later on.

File an Official Complaint with your Employer

If confronting the person harassing you doesn’t work or if you decide to forego the confrontation for fear of your safety, the thing to do is to file an internal complaint. 

You can either check your company’s employee handbook or inquire with the Human Resources Department on how to go about filing a discrimination or harassment complaint. 

Follow the instructions to the tee. Don’t forget to keep a copy of your complaint for yourself and for your employment attorney from California. When you file a complaint, you’re giving your company a chance to investigate and deal with the problem and at the same time, preserve your rights as an employee.

File an Administrative Charge

Under federal law, you should first file an administrative complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or a similar agency in your state before you can file a discrimination or harassment lawsuit. If you file your lawsuit without filing a complaint first, the court might throw out your lawsuit.

The agency then notifies your employer once you have fulfilled the requirement of first filing a charge. When the agency finishes processing your claim, it will issue you the right to sue letter unless it decides to file the lawsuit on your behalf. After receiving this letter, you can file a lawsuit.

Also, remember that there are deadlines to follow when filing an administrative complaint or a lawsuit after you receive the right to sue letter. At this point, it would be highly recommended to get legal representation.

Find an Employment Lawyer to Help you Out

Upon receiving the right to sue letter, you can now file a lawsuit. You have to decide when and where to file your lawsuit and the information to include in it. 

These are very important matters that require the services of an employment lawyer. If you’re from California, contact us at Belal Hamideh Law in Los Angeles by calling (562) 526-1224. We will give you a free consultation on the best options to take.