Longshoreman accident lawyer

Should You Exaggerate Your Pain to a Doctor?

Your Longshoreman accident lawyer is not going to tell you to exaggerate your pain to a doctor. Yet, many people are told, especially by online forums, that exaggerating your pain to a doctor is the only way to win an injury/accident claim these days. To be clear, this article is not telling you to lie…

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Longshore accident

Do Pre-Existing Conditions Affect My Injury Claim Payments?

You may have heard of a few Longshore accident claims being denied because the person making the claim had a pre-existing injury. Where it is true that a pre-existing injury may make a claim more difficult to win, it is certainly not the case-killer that the opposing party will have you believe. In fact, there…

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longshore accident

Here’s What to Do When You’re Dealing With a Longshore Accident

Piers, harbors, and docks are complicated work environments. They are, after all, necessary places for local and national commerce but they can also be very dangerous. The only reason they aren’t hubs of accidents and injuries is that longshore workers are very good at their jobs. Of course, a longshore accident can still happen, which…

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