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Have you or a cherished one suffered an injury in an unfortunate incident? Regardless of the type of incident you or your loved ones have experienced, the aftermath can be devastating. As you navigate the path to recovery, mounting medical bills can create an additional layer of difficulty during an already challenging time. Fortunately, we may offer the assistance you need. Belal Hamideh, an accident attorney in Arcadia, has represented many who found themselves in situations similar to yours. Leveraging his extensive experience, he and the rest of our team stand ready to help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. Hablamos Espanol.

We operate on a contingency basis, meaning we do not charge our clients any fees unless we secure a favorable outcome for them. Our payment is derived from your settlement, ensuring that you do not have to pay unless we win your case. With a remarkable 99% success rate, we possess the expertise needed to aggressively and effectively represent clients like you. If you suspect that you or a loved one might have a case, we encourage you to contact us for a complimentary case evaluation at (562) 526-1224.

We Handle All Types of Accidents

It is crucial to emphasize that our expertise extends to handling all a wide range of accidents. Whether you have been involved in a vehicular accident, a bus collision, a motorcycle mishap, or any other unfortunate event caused by someone else’s negligence, we are prepared to handle your case with utmost professionalism and dedication.

Car Accidents Even minor vehicular accidents can lead to enduring damage. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Bus Accidents The sheer size of buses and the number of people involved can escalate the impact of bus accidents. Our experienced team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of these events.

Motorcycle Accidents Contrary to popular belief, most motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcyclist. If you find yourself in such a situation, we are here to assist you in seeking justice and rightful compensation.

Passenger Accidents Being involved in an accident while riding as a passenger in someone else’s vehicle can be very common. We utilize our expertise to identify the liable party and build a strong case on your behalf.

Pedestrian Accidents Pedestrians lack protection against vehicles, making accidents particularly hazardous for them. We are dedicated to helping victims of pedestrian accidents obtain the compensation they deserve.

Bike Accidents Bicycling is not only a popular mode of transportation but also a fun way to stay in shape. If you are injured in a bike accident, we will ensure that you do not settle for less than what you rightfully deserve.

Truck Accidents Accidents involving large trucks can result in massive injuries and chain reaction accidents. Our experienced team is adept at handling cases related to big rigs, 18-wheelers, and similar vehicles.

Uber and Lyft Accidents Whether you are a passenger or a driver, our team possesses valuable experience in handling accidents involving rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

Construction Accidents Even diligent construction workers can sustain injuries on construction sites. We understand these accidents and are prepared to assist workers in their pursuit of compensation.

Cruise Ship Accidents Cruise ships are meant to provide enjoyment, but accidents can turn a pleasant journey into a nightmare. If you suffer an injury on a cruise ship, we are here to help you seek justice.

Airplane Accidents Airplane accidents can cause various injuries even if they do not involve a crash. If you are injured while traveling by air, rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

Product Defect Injuries When a defective product causes injury, the responsible parties, including manufacturers and distributors, can be held accountable. We are dedicated to ensuring that justice is served in such cases.

Slip and Fall Accidents Accidents resulting from slips and falls on another person’s property can lead to injuries. We can help you receive compensation and, in the process, contribute to preventing future accidents on the same premises.

Dog Bites While dogs are often considered man’s best friend, uncontrolled animals can cause serious injuries. If you are injured due to a dog bite, we can assist you in pursuing legal action against the responsible party.

Wrongful Death Cases In tragic instances where a loved one loses their life due to an accident, we can assist you in seeking compensation. This financial support can cover medical bills and help you transition to the next phase of life.

These examples merely scratch the surface of the cases we handle. If you suspect that you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Understanding Damages After an Accident

Every accident is unique, and various factors influence the benefits you are entitled to receive. In California accident cases, benefits encompass both economic and noneconomic damages. We are committed to helping you recover all the benefits you deserve, whether they pertain to economic losses or intangible suffering.

Economic damages encompass medical bills incurred as a result of the accident, including expenses related to rehabilitation, medical treatments, hospital stays, doctor’s visits, transportation to and from medical facilities, as well as many others.

Additionally, if your ability to work has been compromised, we can assist you in recovering lost wages. In cases where you are unable to work in the future due to the accident, we will strive to secure compensation equivalent to the wages you would have earned.

Noneconomic damages encompass intangible losses such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment, and loss of consortium. These non-monetary losses can take a significant toll on your quality of life, and we will work diligently to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your suffering.

If you do not have a medical care provider, we can connect you with trusted medical professionals who operate on a contingency basis. This means that you can receive the necessary medical care without incurring immediate financial burdens.

Identifying Liable Parties

Determining liability in an accident is a complex process that requires thorough investigation. Multiple parties may be responsible for the accident and the subsequent injuries. While the primary liable party might be apparent, other contributing factors can enhance the complexity of the case.

For example, in car accident cases, the other driver may be at fault due to reckless or negligent driving. However, poorly maintained roads or defects in your vehicle could cause the accident. In such instances, the governing body responsible for road maintenance or the manufacturer of the defective vehicle component may also share liability.

This is not limited to car accidents. In truck accidents, the driver may be liable, but the trucking company, the individuals responsible for loading the truck, or the mechanic who negligently maintained the vehicle might also be held accountable.

Product defect cases involve manufacturers, distributors, and other parties, while construction site accidents can implicate tool manufacturers and construction companies.

Belal Hamideh is dedicated to identifying all parties responsible for your accident. By doing so, we can pursue maximum compensation from every liable entity, ensuring that you receive the financial support you need to recover and move forward.

Immediate Steps to Take After an Accident

If you find yourself in an accident, it is crucial to take immediate action to protect your well-being and your legal rights. Following these steps can significantly impact the outcome of your case:

  • Ensure Your Safety: Move to a safe location, away from any immediate danger.
  • Assess Injuries: Check your injuries as well as others involved in the accident, including passengers, drivers, pedestrians etc.
  • Exchange Information: If the accident involves another party, exchange contact and insurance information in a courteous manner. Avoid admitting fault or making statements that could be interpreted as an admission of liability.
  • Document the Scene: If it is safe to do so, take photographs of the accident scene, including vehicles, environmental damage, injuries sustained by you and others, and any relevant details.
  • Preserve Evidence: In product defect cases, retain the defective product and document your injuries. Preserving evidence is essential to building a strong case.
  • Contact Authorities: Even in seemingly minor accidents, contact the appropriate authorities, such as the police, to report the incident. A police report can provide valuable support for your case.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Even if you believe your injuries are minor, seek professional medical evaluation as soon as possible. Some injuries may not manifest immediately, and prompt medical attention can prevent complications.
  • Notify Your Insurance Company: Inform your insurance company about the accident, providing accurate and truthful details.
  • Contact an Attorney: Once you have taken these steps, reach out to our experienced team for legal assistance. We can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your case and guide you through the necessary legal processes.

Understanding Comparative Negligence in California

In this state, the concept of comparative negligence allows individuals to seek compensation even if they share partial responsibility for the accident. Under this legal principle, your recovery is proportionate to your level of fault. For example, if you are found to be 40% at fault for the accident, your compensation will be reduced by 40%.

Understanding your level of liability is crucial in evaluating the strength of your case. Consulting with an experienced attorney can provide you with a clear understanding of your situation. Our team can assess the circumstances of your accident and help you navigate the complexities of comparative negligence.

Act Promptly to Protect Your Rights

Time is of the essence in accident cases. In California, the statute of limitations for pursuing legal action after an accident is typically two years. However, this timeframe can vary based on the specifics of your case. It is essential to consult with an attorney promptly to ensure that you do not miss critical deadlines.

Additionally, it is important to note that while you may be considering your options, the opposing party is likely already working diligently to minimize your compensation. Insurance companies and other entities involved in the incident may employ tactics aimed at reducing your claim. By seeking legal representation promptly, you level the playing field and empower yourself to pursue a fair resolution.

Belal Hamideh: An Accident Attorney for Arcadia

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The aftermath of an accident can be an incredibly challenging period in your life. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and hesitant about reaching out to an attorney. However, partnering with a compassionate and competent attorney can transform this difficult time into a victory.

Belal Hamideh is not just a dedicated attorney; he is genuinely compassionate about the well-being of his clients and their families. His commitment is not mere rhetoric; it is substantiated by years of securing exceptional settlements and forming strong connections with his clients. His portfolio speaks volumes about his expertise, as does the substantial compensation he has obtained for his clients.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury in an accident, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. By scheduling a free consultation, you can connect with an attorney who is genuinely capable of helping you. Do not let uncertainty prevent you from seeking the support you need. Reach out to us today via phone call or the contact form to schedule your free consultation.