Will I Get a Coronavirus Stimulus Check if I’m Collecting Disability Benefits?

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The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on the job market. As a response to this outbreak and the consequences thereof, the Labor ad Workforce Development Agency has come up with a number of resources for both employers and employees. The office is in the process of establishing different programs for employees affected by the crisis. These include unemployment insurance, disability insurance, paid sick and vacation leave, and a coronavirus stimulus check. If you don’t get any of these, you may seek counsel from a worker’s compensation attorney in California.

workers compensation attorney in long beach

Asking the Right Questions

To know if you’re qualified for these programs, it’s best to consult with a California worker’s compensation lawyer. If you’re already collecting disability benefits, can you still get the coronavirus stimulus check? Before talking with a lawyer, it’s important to ask the right questions. This way, you will have enough information and later, you can decide if you have found the best lawyer. There are some important questions you can ask a prospective lawyer. Ask about how long the lawyer has practiced their craft, what type of experience does the lawyer has or can the lawyer provide references You can also ask who will work on your case and an explanation of the whole process or any concerns you may have before moving forward.

What Would Make you Eligible for the Check

Based on the guidelines of the Labor and Workforce Agency, you may have eligibility for worker’s compensation benefits only under specific conditions. You might qualify if you cannot perform your regular job because of your exposure to or the eventual contraction of COVID-19 while at work. This statement has an ambiguous interpretation. For instance, if you were still going to work when you contracted the disease, you still have to provide proof that you contracted it while in your workplace. This becomes very difficult because the task of proving this can be very difficult. But it’s not impossible to prove, especially if your co-workers also contracted the virus at some point. You need an experienced worker’s compensation attorney in California to assist you in building a strong case around this issue.

Receiving benefits

Although each claim case differs, the Labor and Workforce Development Agency has delineated a number of benefits that may come if you succeed in your workers’ compensation case. These benefits come to an end when you either go back to work, you get released from medical care or you receive a statement from your doctor that the disease will improve as much as it could.

Find a worker’s compensation lawyer in California now

If you’re not familiar with the process of a worker’s compensation case, you can find this whole situation very overwhelming. But you don’t have to handle this predicament alone. You can unburden yourself by seeking the services of one of our worker’s compensation lawyers at Belal Hamideh Law. Our California lawyers will assist you with any worker’s compensation case. Give us a call at (526) 526-1224 for a free consultation. Our lawyers understand the uncertainty of the present and with our experience, you can depend on us for the best legal counsel to deal with your specific case.