Practicing Bus Safety As Per a Bus Accident Lawyer in California

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Bus safety is a collective effort. It’s about the driver as much as it is about the passengers. When it comes to preventing bus accidents, you can’t exactly control whether or not another vehicle causes it, but you can at least make sure you don’t contribute to the accident yourself. The best way to do so, according to a bus accident lawyer in California, is to practice bus safety and contribute to a good environment. Here are a few ways in which you can do so.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead for your public transportation commute isn’t just about making it to your destination on time. By doing so, you can avoid having to run to catch your bus or having to take overcrowded vehicles. Some people even try to get a driver’s attention when they see their bus leaving without them, which can potentially distract them and cause an accident. Others even try to hold on to the bus as it leaves or to get the driver to stop at a place other than their stop. These are all recipes for an accident, so avoid putting yourself in these situations and plan for your commute ahead.

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Practice Safety

Inappropriate passenger behavior can definitely be a catalyst for a bus accident. Not necessarily because the passengers themselves cause the accident, but because they distract or compromise the driver in a way that leads to it. For example, never sit, stand, or travel on the bus’s footboard. Never put any part of your body, be that your head, your arm, or your leg, outside of the bus, regardless of whether it’s moving or not. If you are riding the bus while standing up, hold on to the handrails to protect yourself and the other passengers. Lastly, even though this is more about politeness than anything else, don’t push others while moving in and out of the bus and respect the queues when boarding.

Follow Bus Etiquette

This should go without saying but always respect your bus driver. This goes beyond just being polite to them (say thank you when boarding or leaving!), for it definitely involves safety. Try not to talk to them while the bus is moving unless it’s very important, and try to wait for them to stop if you need to talk to them. While you are on the bus, don’t shout or make loud noises that can distract the driver. Depending on the driver, this can definitely include playing music, so be mindful of the driver if they ask you to stop. Accidents can easily happen if the driver is overwhelmed, frustrated, or being harassed, so make an effort to contribute to a peaceful and responsible environment.

Bus Accident Lawyer in California

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