Let Your Car Accident Attorney in California Face the Insurance Companies

Even if you are the safest driver on the road, there is no way to know when an accident can involve you. Very often accidents are a case of negligence on the part of another driver. Unfortunately, this may be of little consolation to you since you are part of the accident and now have to deal with the consequences, like a damaged vehicle and traumatic injuries. As if all of that was not bad enough, you now also have to deal with the insurance companies, adjusters, lawyers and other representatives of the company, all giving you the runaround, trying to get you to sign documents quickly and confusing you along the way. The best step you can take right now is to let a car accident attorney in California deal with the insurance companies for you.

Get Better Results

The truth of the matter is that an experienced lawyer that deals with auto accident cases frequently is going to get much better results with your case than you will on your own. Many people just want to put the accident behind them and do not give much thought to the consequences of accepting the initial offer insurance companies make to pay for damages and injuries. The job of the insurance company at this point, from their perspective, is to get you to agree to as little as possible for payment. When you have a lawyer representing you, your attorney will know what a fair settlement is for your injuries and damages and will insist on the proper amount.

Avoid the Confusion

Insurance companies are notorious for throwing all kinds of jargon and legal-speak at you to confuse you into signing away your rights and a proper settlement. A quality car accident attorney in California like you will find at our firm of Belal Hamideh Law will not let this happen to you. They will explain what the insurance company is offering to you, going over the language used, so you know what you are facing, what is fair and what you should press for so you get what you deserve.

We Can Make a Difference

Instead of facing this situation alone, make sure you contact us at Belal Hamideh Law so we can act as your car accident attorney in California. You can give our office a call at 562-526-1224 and set up an appointment for a consultation so we can talk about your case and let you know what options you have and what we can do for you as we deal with the insurance companies for you.