Driver or Passenger: Who Should Contact a Lawyer for UBER Accident

Do you drive for UBER or Lyft, were in an accident, and aren’t sure what to do? Were you in an UBER or Lyft when someone struck your vehicle? Or, alternatively, were you hit by an UBER or Lyft driver? There are different courses of action for each scenario. Belal Hamideh, a lawyer for UBER accident cases as well as those involving Lyft in the Torrance area can help in a variety of ways. 

What to Know If You’re an UBER/Lyft Driver in an Accident 

The next steps are determined quite a bit by what “period” you were in. For example, if you were in “Period 1,” (you’re logged into UBER or Lyft) or “Periods 2 and 3” (you’ve accepted a ride and picked up a passenger, respectively) then you’re covered by UBER/Lyft insurance. If you were offline (meaning that you weren’t logged into either app at all during the time of your accident) then your own personal insurance will cover the accident. 

What to Know If You’re an UBER/Lyft Passenger in an Accident 

Essentially, it’s like you were a passenger in any other kind of vehicular accident. If you were injured through the recklessness and/or negligence of another party then you may very well have a case. If so, you can receive compensation for economic as well as non-economic injuries. The former includes compensation for physical injuries you sustained as a result of the accident: broken bones, rehabilitation, doctor visits, and more. The latter, non-economic damages, are for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and so forth. Belal and the team can help you to recover the maximum compensation for all that you’ve been through. 

Who to Sue if You’re Hit by an UBER/Lyft Driver 

Unfortunately, as of this writing, it would be very difficult to bring a suit against UBER or Lyft themselves. Since the passage of California Assembly Bill 5, UBER/Lyft drivers have not been seen as employees of UBER or Lyft, but instead as independent contractors. That said, Belal and the team have a proven track record of being able to find all of the parties liable for a vehicular accident. Whether it was an UBER/Lyft driver, someone else who struck that vehicle, the manufacturer of a defect in the vehicle or any other party, we can find the truth and use it on your behalf. 

More Than a Lawyer for UBER Accident in Torrance 

UBER, Lyft, and other rideshare services can be convenient, making it easier to get in and around the Torrance area. However, if you or someone you love are injured in an accident involving one of these services, you deserve to be compensated for all that you’ve had to go through. If you believe that there is any chance that you might have a case, we encourage you to sit down with us for a free case evaluation. There, we’ll let you know exactly what your case may be worth and how we can help. To schedule this, go through our site or call.