When Do You Need the Best Car Accident Attorney in California?

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It sounds a little harsh, but it is usually the innocent party that ends up needing the best car accident attorney in California. The reality is that you have to be very savvy when you have a car accident if you do not want to end up being the one who has to pay. Unless you are very knowledgeable about the way car accident claims work, then you need an attorney to help you.

What Innocent Mistakes Do People Make?

The most common mistake is to agree to keep the insurance companies out of it, and then the other person goes home, calls the insurance company, and blames you. Another common trick is to convince you to settle the problem at the roadside with a quick cash transaction. Then, the other person goes home, calls the insurance company, and ends up blaming you.

Car Accident Attorney in California: What if the Car Accident Was Your Fault?

You may need a car accident attorney in California if things start going unfairly. For example, if the insurance companies start throwing big numbers around and it looks like you are going to have to pay a massive deductible and/or take a massive premium hike, then an attorney will be needed.

An attorney is going to be needed if a big insurance hike will end up affecting your business or livelihood. An attorney is also needed if there are injuries involved because, before you know it, a sprained wrist turns into the other person claiming she will never be able to play guitar again.

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What if the Car Accident Wasn’t Your Fault?

If you would like to maximize your compensation, or if you are worried that your case is not strong enough to win, then get yourself an accident lawyer. Even getting advice will help you avoid several starting mistakes and may help you land a much bigger settlement. Plus, an attorney will help you get all the payouts and benefits that you didn’t even know you were owed, such as medical checkups and temporary vehicle replacement.

When Will You Definitely Need an Attorney?

No matter if the accident is your fault or the other person’s fault, there is a checklist to follow. If any of these are happening, then you will need an attorney.

  • Someone died in the accident
  • The incident took place in a questionable area, such as a construction zone
  • Broken bones occurred
  • There was a hospital stay
  • Long-term health affected
  • Non-economic losses like emotional trauma, pain and suffering, or loss of companionship
  • Multiple people were harmed in the accident
  • The paperwork doesn’t look accurate like a police report or insurance communications
  • Missed more than a couple of days work, normal activities, or school
  • Medical treatment will cost more than two thousand dollars
  • The insurance company is being difficult by design
  • There’s dispute over who is to blame for the accident
  • Details are getting complicated (technical, legal, medical)
In a Perfect World

If people didn’t lie about car accidents or try to trick other people, and if insurance companies played fair every time, then nobody would need a car accident attorney. Nevertheless, if the accident was your fault, or not, there is a good chance you will benefit from having an attorney on your side. Get in touch with Belahamideh Law today by calling us at (562) 526-1224 to see what a car accident attorney can do for you.