What to Expect From An Accident Attorney in California

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Mishaps can happen at any time and to anyone. No matter how careful you are, an accident or injury can happen. Whether it is a minor or major injury, you may consider filing a claim or a lawsuit. But should you? It can be confusing at first. However, when you consult with an accident attorney in California, you will know what your rights are and take the right steps. 

How Can an Accident Attorney in California Help? 

No matter how minor your injuries are, you should still consult with an attorney. Talking to a lawyer will help you understand what is at stake. Even if you endure a minor injury, it may still be worth it to pursue a claim. Your lawyer will investigate to gather evidence to support your case. This may include gathering medical records, interviewing witnesses, and examining police reports. Your lawyer may send a demand letter to the opposing party, outlining your injuries and demanding compensation for your damages.

Can Your Lawyer Negotiate? 

Your lawyer will deal with the opposing party or their insurance company to try to settle. This may involve back-and-forth negotiation to arrive at a fair compensation amount. If a settlement cannot be reached, your lawyer may file a lawsuit on your behalf. This involves filing legal documents with the court and serving the opposing party with notice of the lawsuit. Both sides will engage in a process called discovery, where they exchange information and evidence about the case. This may involve depositions, written interrogatories, and requests for documents. Before the case goes to trial, the parties may participate in mediation, where a neutral third party attempts to help the parties settle. 

Going to Trial 

If the case goes to trial, both sides will present their case to a judge or jury. The trial will involve opening statements, witness testimony, cross-examination, and closing arguments. After hearing all the evidence, the judge or jury will render a verdict. If you win, you may be awarded damages to compensate you for your losses.

How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Case? 

Preparing for a personal injury case can be stressful, but it’s important to be organized and prepared. Be honest with your lawyer about the details of the accident and your injuries. This will help them build a strong case and prepare for any potential defences from the other side. 

Stay off Social Media 

Avoid posting anything on social media that could be used against you in your case, such as photos or comments about the accident or your injuries. You may think that posting photos or comments about the case will help. But it will not. This is why your attorney will prevent you from doing so.  

accident attorney in long beach

Be Patient

Most of all, be patient. Personal injury cases can take time to resolve. Be patient and trust the process. Your lawyer will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you. But that is if you have the best accident attorney in California. Hence if you want the best possible outcome for your case, call Belal Hamideh to schedule a consultation.