What Damages are Available in a Wrongful Death Case? California Attorney Explains

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Losing a loved one takes an emotional toll on the family of the deceased member and it might also cause financial hardship. Luckily, each state provides a way to ease the financial problems – from the one who caused the person’s death. For a wrongful death lawsuit to become successful, you must have an understanding of the damages presented by the case. To file such a case, an California attorney will help you out.

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What is a wrongful death case?

A wrongful death case occurs when someone dies at someone else’s fault. As expected, the effects of wrongful death can be extremely devastating for the person’s loved ones. At this point, the last thing the family would think about is a lawsuit. But because of the massive expenses involved in this kind of predicament like hospital bills or funeral arrangements, a lawsuit is essential. Winning a wrongful death case with the help of a California attorney provides additional cash, especially for people who depend on the deceased financially.

What are the available damages?

Those who lose their loved ones because of wrongful death may receive a significant amount of compensation as payment for the one they lost. Although not enough amount of compensation can bring back to life someone you lost, the money can help cover the expenses of the loss to keep the family on their feet. There are two categories of damages that you may collect in this kind of suit. Use the first one to cover the damages that led up to the deceased’s passing, starting from the event that caused the person’s death up to the moment when the person died. The second covers all of the losses after the person’s death. These categories make up for different damages for which the heirs of the deceased may obtain compensation.

Who received these damages?

In general, the damages for wrongful deaths usually go to the deceased’s spouse who survives them. The spouse has a claim for the lost companionship as a result of the death. The damages are also for the surviving spouse’s emotional trauma caused by their spouse’s death. Hiring a California wrongful death attorney ensures that damages get awarded to minor children for the lost benefits of their relationship with the deceased parent – including support and comfort. Finally, the parents of a minor who died can also receive damages for emotional trauma, as well as the lost relationship with their child.

Punitive damages

There are some cases where a survivor could get punitive damages in this kind of lawsuit. Punitive damages aren’t always available in cases of wrongful death. But if the court finds that the person’s conduct was malicious or grossly negligent, then the court might order punitive damages to deter or punish this kind of actions or behaviors in the future.

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