What a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in California Can Do

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in California

Did you fall on someone else’s property and suffer an injury? Were you hurt while in a store, at a place of business, etc.? Should that be the case, you may have had what’s called a “slip and fall accident.” These injuries can take a negative toll on a person’s life in many ways. Belal Hamideh can help. An experienced slip and fall accident lawyer in California, Belal can draw upon that experience to help your case in many ways. 

Prove the Necessary Elements 

To have a slip and fall accident case, there must be some sort of hazard on the property where you fell that was involved in your injury. Maybe it was a crack in the floor, perhaps it was a railing that wasn’t maintained properly, etc. Additionally, you were allowed to be on the property. You weren’t a trespasser, you weren’t on the property illegally, it was OK that you were there. To have a case, you must have suffered some kind of damage due to the slipping and falling. Belal can help to not only determine if those elements are present but, if they are, to use them to make your case all that much more compelling. 

The Damages You Deserve  

It can seem like slipping and falling on a property may be a small matter, but it can lead to devastating injuries. Worse, the full extent may not be known for some time. That’s just one more reason to reach out for medical attention as soon as you can. If you are unable to do so, Belal can connect you with a medical provider that, like Belal and the team here, works on contingency. That means you won’t have to pay unless we win the case and, even then, payment will come out of your settlement and not out of your pocket. 

Represent You Aggressively 

These cases can be very complex as well as competitive. The other side, which is the property/business owner, their insurance company, and their attorneys, are all doing everything they can to try and prove that your fall and your injury aren’t their fault. We have a proven track record of taking all of these parties on and standing up for our clients. We win for our clients 99% of the time. The other side knows they’re betting off negotiating fairly with us, but if necessary, we relish the opportunity to represent our clients in a court of law. 

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in California

Your Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in California 

After you’ve suffered a slip and fall accident, it’s understandable to not want to reach out to an attorney, to simply take the first deal from the insurance company and get on with your recovery. This would be a mistake. The insurance company will most likely offer a “lowball” offer first, hoping you’ll take it. On the other hand, Belal and the team can help you to recover the maximum compensation you deserve. For a free case evaluation, message us through our site or call.