Ways an Experienced Torrance Bus Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Have you been injured in a bus accident and want to speak to an attorney, yet every attorney you speak to only seems to have extensive knowledge of car accidents? Do you want to work with an attorney who understands bus accidents as well as the crucial ways that they differ from other accident cases? Belal Hamideh, Torrance bus accident lawyer, can put together the best, most compelling bus accident case on your behalf. 

Bringing the Right Case Against the Right Party 

Any vehicular accident can lead to catastrophic injuries. Bus accidents can be among the worst: you may be in an awkward position during the accident, there’s most likely not a seatbelt/airbag/etc., you could be hit by others, and so forth. Beyond that, your case can be entirely different whether you were on a city/municipal bus or a privately-owned bus (such as a charter bus, a tour bus, a church bus, a shuttle bus, and so forth). We can bring about the right case on your behalf. 

Finding All Who Are Liable for Your Injuries 

In any case involving injuries that are a result of a bus accident, mutli[le parties may be liable. Yes, the bus driver may be liable for your accident. However, they may only be partially liable (if liable at all). Perhaps a driver under the influence hit your bus/caused your bus driver to have to swerve. Maybe the bus has a manufacturing defect or was poorly serviced/maintained. Then, the manufacturer may be liable, the owner of the bus may be liable, the mechanic may be liable, or other parties. We’ll find all parties responsible and then represent you as aggressively as possible so that you receive all of the compensation that you should. 

Bus Accident Cases are Different From Car Accident Cases 

Unfortunately, in bus accident cases, a commercial bus company (or similar entity) may try to fight you and your case very hard. That’s due to any number of reasons, one of which is the insurance that commercial bus companies have to carry, which goes into the millions of dollars. They can and most likely will do everything in their power to make sure that you receive as little of that as possible (if any whatsoever). We have the resources to stand “toe to toe” with them, so to speak, on your behalf. 

A Torrance Bus Accident Lawyer on Your Side 

If you believe that you or someone that you love may have been injured in a bus accident, it’s worth it to reach out to us. We offer free case evaluations. During that, we let you know exactly what we believe your case to be worth as well as how we can help. So many of our clients weren’t sure they had a case only to find that they had a very strong one. There’s no downside, none whatsoever, to reaching out to us. To schedule that free case evaluation with Belal and the team, you can call us or message us through our site.