Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help With a Dog Bite

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Were you bit and injured by someone’s dog? Has a dog bite caused you harm? If so, you very well may be eligible for compensation. If someone else’s dog hurts you with a bite, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. Indeed, Belal Hamideh has assisted many who are dealing with everything that you are right now. An attorney with experience can help in many ways. 

An Attorney Can Let You Know if You Have a Case and What It’s Worth 

Many of those who come to Belal Hamideh and the team here during a free case evaluation aren’t sure they have a case. Yet, after sitting with Belal, they learn they have a strong one. 

In the state of California, dog owners bear responsibility for any damages inflicted by their dogs, regardless of whether the incident occurs in a public or private space where individuals are lawfully present. This includes situations where someone is invited onto the owner’s property, be it through an expressed or implied invitation, or when individuals are performing their duties, such as postal workers.

California’s civil code establishes a “strict liability” framework for dog bites, holding dog owners accountable for their pets’ actions, irrespective of the animal’s past behavior. This liability, however, seldom extends to caretakers or dog-sitters, with the owner remaining the primary party responsible for any resulting injuries. 

Belal can let you know what your case is worth as well as how he and the rest of the team can help. 

Dog Bite Cases in California

While California adheres to the “Strict Liability” code concerning dog bites, local pet laws specific to the region can also influence these cases. For instance, the California municipal code mandates that dogs must be leashed.

Exceptions exist for specific situations, such as dog parks and private property, but even then, dog owners bear the responsibility for any damage caused by their pets. Given California’s abundance of beautiful outdoor spaces, dog-related injuries often occur during walks or when dogs breach barriers, attacking unsuspecting individuals.

It’s worth noting that the term “dog bite” extends beyond literal bites, encompassing various forms of injury, including incidents where individuals are knocked down or otherwise harmed by a dog. Regardless of the nature of the injury, seeking professional assistance is crucial to pursuing rightful compensation.

An Attorney Can Establish Who is Liable 

In terms of dog bite injuries, strict liability places the onus on the owner. This liability, however, only applies when a dog bites someone in a public or private space where the injured party is lawfully present. Instances where injuries result from a dog knocking someone over or causing other forms of harm may adhere to this framework. Nevertheless, the owner may still be held liable if their negligence contributed to the injury.

We can find who’s liable and bring the strongest possible case against them. 

ways a personal injury attorney can help with a dog bite


A Personal Injury Attorney With Experience Can Help You to Recover Compensation 

If you were harmed by a dog’s bite, you can recover economic as well as non-economic compensation. This can include compensation for medical bills as well as pain, suffering, and so much more. 

We work on contingency. You don’t have to pay unless we win. We do win 99% of the time and, when we do, our payment comes out of your compensation. For a free case evaluation with a Personal Injury Attorney, call or complete the form at our site.