UBER Accident Lawyer on Staying Safe Before, During, & After Your Ride

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UBER, Lyft, and all rideshares can be convenient. They can make it easier to get to where you’re going at all times, day or night. That said, you need to take care of yourself, too. Belal Hamideh, an experienced UBER accident lawyer, has helped those who were hurt in UBER accidents. He’s helped UBER passengers, drivers, and those struck by UBERs, too.  

Below are some safety tips to keep yourself safe at every stage of the UBER ride. If you’re hurt in a vehicular accident involving a rideshare, reach out for a free case evaluation. 

Pick the Right Spot

Request your ride while you’re still inside a building, rather than waiting outside with your phone out, leaving yourself at risk. Depending on your location, time your ride request so that you only need to step outside once your driver has arrived is a simple and effective strategy.

Choosing your pickup spot wisely is another key safety measure. Opt for a location that’s well-lit, making it easier for you to observe the details of the vehicle coming to pick you up. 

What to Do When the Driver Arrives 

Verify the car and the driver before you hop in. The rideshare app you’re using will provide you with essential details like the driver’s name, the car’s make, and the license plate number. Ensure you cross-verify the car’s license plate with the information provided in your app.

To further secure your safety, ask the driver to confirm your details before getting into the car. You could even ask the driver who they are supposed to pick up, instead of revealing your name first.

As you open the car doors, quickly ensure the door handles are fully operational from the inside, and not child-locked. This quick check ensures that you will be able to exit the vehicle swiftly if the situation demands it. If the vehicle’s door is compromised, question the driver. If their answer does not provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, feel free to cancel your ride. There are a lot of rideshare drivers. 

When communicating with your driver, it’s crucial that you only use the official Uber application. This practice protects your personal information and ensures that the driver has no means of contacting you post-ride. 

Sit in the Right Place and Use Your Phone Properly 

It’s a good practice to sit in the back seat, especially when riding alone. This not only gives you the freedom to exit the car from either side in an emergency but also gives you more personal space. Plus, it keeps your phone screen out of the driver’s sight.

Really, your mobile phone is your biggest ally in ensuring a safe ride. An audible phone call could serve as a useful tool in communicating your whereabouts to others. Make this call, real or simulated, loud enough for your driver to hear. If a friend or family member is reachable, speak to them via loudspeaker detailing your location, route, and expected arrival time. 

This will impart a clear message to your driver that your whereabouts are known. If no one is available to chat, a pretend conversation stating your location and destination serves the same purpose.

Make sure your phone is fully charged before you set out on a journey. A well-charged phone will help you optimally use the app, and if need be, call for help in case of any emergency or potential threat. Carrying a backup power bank may also be a good idea if you worry about your phone battery dying on you.

Trust Your Instincts 

If at any point during your Uber ride you experience an uncomfortable situation, or perceive your driver’s behavior as questionable, remember you have the right to cancel your journey through the application. This action will notify the driver to halt and allow you to exit the vehicle. Though finding yourself without a method of transportation might be inconvenient, it’s more important to maintain your personal safety.

Running Google Maps (or something similar) during your ride could be beneficial. It enables you to cross-check your driver’s route, a particularly useful step if the area is unfamiliar to you. If there’s a deviation from the route leading to your destination, don’t hesitate to abort the trip.

Lastly, when selecting your drop-off location, choose a spot well-lit and secure, preferably not directly in front of your residential address. This precautionary measure ensures your safety upon exiting the vehicle and protects your privacy by keeping your exact home location undisclosed.

An UBER Accident Lawyer Who Can Help 

Hopefully, you’re never in an UBER accident or any other kind of accident. However, if you are, and if there’s any chance the accident was caused through the negligence and/or recklessness of another party, you may deserve compensation. Belal Hamideh can help. Schedule a free case evaluation to learn the truth through this site or by calling.