defending birth related brain injuries how a brain injury lawyer can help

Defending Birth-Related Brain Injuries: How a Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help?

Brain injury can happen at birth. And it is devastating for families. This type of injury can occur during pregnancy, labor, or delivery and can have long-lasting defects in a child’s health and development. If the injury is the result of medical malpractice or negligence, you can sue the hospital or the doctor. If you…

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Traumatic Brain Injury

When a Traumatic Brain Injury Causes You to Lose Your Sense of Smell

Did you know that Traumatic Brain Injury cases that are moderate to severe often worsen after 5 years from the date of the injury? According to data provided by the CDC, about 30% of TBI cases do not improve within that time span. Moreover, of those people affected some end up losing their sense of…

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