Separating One 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer from Another

Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Were you injured in an accident involving a big rig? Have you or someone you love been hurt after being struck by a large truck? Any vehicular accident can lead to serious injuries, yet accidents with large trucks can be some of the most devastating. These vehicles are so much larger than typical cars and if they hit a smaller vehicle or passenger at any degree of speed, injuries are, unfortunately, likely. Belal Hamideh, an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer, can help you and your case. 


Belal and the team have extensive experience with truck accident cases. In one case, we were able to secure $450,000 for a client in a confidential settlement. In fact, our client wasn’t even in the vehicle that the truck initially struck, rather, they were in a vehicle in front of the car that was hit by the truck, thus being injured in a multi-vehicle accident. The other side offered only a paltry few thousand dollars, but we know the case would be worth more. We negotiated fiercely for our client, eventually securing the $450,000 for their case. 

Knowing How to Find Who’s Liable 

Truck accidents are different from other vehicular accident cases in a variety of ways, particularly in terms of which parties are liable. Yes, while multiple parties could be liable in a car accident, most likely, the driver of the other vehicle is liable. In a truck accident case, however, the driver could be liable, but so too could the company that employs the driver, those who loaded the truck with cargo, mechanics, truck manufacturers, and others. Belal and the team can conduct a thorough investigation to determine who is liable for your injury. Then, we’ll bring a case against each of them. 

Representing You As Aggressively as Possible 

You very well may be entitled to extensive damages as a result of being the victim of a truck accident. Any medical bills that accrue from the accident, for rehab, doctor’s visits, medication, alterations you’ve had to make to your home, and so forth, could all be covered. You may be able to receive compensation for wages you missed on account of being unable to work due to your injuries. In fact, you could recover compensation for wages that you would have made in the future, should you be unable to continue your job in the same capacity. You may even be able to receive compensation for pain and suffering, too.

Wheeler Accident Lawyer

An 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Who’s Ready to Help 

When you sit down for a free case evaluation with Belal, he’ll go over your case thoroughly, letting you know exactly what compensation you should deserve. Then, we’ll get right to work, making sure that you receive nothing less than that. The sooner you reach out, the better off you’ll be, as there is a time limit to how long you can wait until you bring a case and the other side will not wait. To schedule a free case evaluation, message us through our site or call.