Reasons Why Your Whiplash Claim Didn’t Pay Out

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Aren’t whiplash claims supposed to be the easiest to get claims paid on? Isn’t that why a whole section of no-win-no-fee lawyers have spawned from the gates of hell? Back in the old days, winning a whiplash case was pretty easy. But these days, the courts are a little fatigued with nuisance whiplash cases, and insurance companies have gotten very good at defending against them. If you are looking for a quick payout for your whiplash claim, then you may be in for a fight.

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Do You Have Symptoms?

The first thing people do after they contact their California car accident lawyer is to look up the symptoms of whiplash, and then pretend they have them for the doctors and the courts. However, Whiplash is just like any type of injury, it has all sorts of varying symptoms. Yet, many people walk into the doctor’s office and give their symptoms like they are reading them verbatim from the Google search engine results, and that is how doctors and lawyers recognize fakes. If you do have whiplash, your doctor and the opposing party may still doubt your symptoms.

Whiplash Fatigue

One of the reasons why your car accident attorney may be unable to win is simply because of whiplash fatigue. These days, thanks to no-win-no-fee lawyers, it is very easy to sue for compensation for whiplash. And, even though the courts are supposed to be as neutral as possible, the fact is that they are tired of hearing whiplash cases. They try to get them over as quickly as possible, which sometimes means your case is rushed and you do not get the payment you wanted.

Getting the Timing of Your Symptoms Wrong

As mentioned earlier, symptoms differ depending on the type of person and the injury. Also, the location of your whiplash pain may differ from other people. However, some people run straight to the doctor saying they are experiencing pain in the back of their neck, and they say it is excruciating pain. These sorts of people lose their cases because whiplash is painful, but it is not excruciating, and there are a host of other symptoms too that may include headaches, all the way to throbbing feelings in the neck.

Final Thoughts – Innocent People Caught in the Crossfire

As you have probably gathered from what you have read in this article, it is not the innocent victims who are spoiling it for everybody. The biggest reason why your California car accident lawyer may struggle to win you a big payment is because of all the fakers out there. They are the ones who are annoying the courts, they are the ones who are training insurance companies how to win cases, and they are the ones who are making doctors and medical professionals overly cautious and overly suspicious of people with whiplash.

If you are looking for an easy win, then think again, especially if you are looking for more than just your medical bills being paid. If you need real help in winning your whiplash case. If you are truly suffering because of your injury, then get in touch with Belal Hamideh Law and get the help you need.