Office Job Injuries and a Workers Compensation Attorney in California

a workers compensation attorney in Long Beach

Many people, when they think of workplace injuries, think only of injuries that occur in places like a warehouse, factory, or assembly line. While injuries in those places certainly happen and can be severe, you are just as likely to suffer an injury if you work in an office. It does not matter if your company has hundreds of employees or dozens or if you work in a comfortable office space – many incidents can happen that may leave you with physical injuries. When you are hurt on the job in your office, you may not know what to do or where to go for help. Talking to a workers compensation attorney in California is the right thing for you to do so you can understand what your rights are and how you need to proceed, so you get compensation for your injuries.

Compensation for Office Injuries

Office injuries can be quite varied, but they are still workplace injuries that are covered under worker’s compensation laws.  While things like a slip and fall in the hallway, cafeteria or stairwell might seem obvious, other injuries such as carpal tunnel injuries from repetitive typing at your computer, or exposure to hazardous materials that cause an illness may also be covered. If you spend countless hours a day on your computer, you may experience back injuries or problems with your wrists that require medical treatment or even surgery. Worker’s compensation benefits will cover the expenses for your doctor visits and time you miss from work.

a workers compensation attorney in California

Checking in with an Attorney

If you are not sure if your injuries fall under worker’s compensation laws, it can be beneficial to you to talk to a workers compensation attorney in California. You want to go to a law firm that states they have experience with worker’s comp cases and knows the California laws and how they will apply to your situation. Talking to an attorney can give you a better understanding of what you may be entitled to in your case and how you should proceed with filing a claim. A good lawyer will listen to you and your questions, explain things to you clearly and keep you well informed as your case progresses.

Find Out More about Worker’s Compensation

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