Non-Profit Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workman’s Compensation Attorney

For non-profits or charitable organizations to be successful, there must be a committed team of employees and volunteers behind it. Most of these organizations depend on such teams to pursue their vision and make their community better. Regardless of the type of non-profit you have, getting the right kind of help will make your organization grow. And in the case of accidents, you’ll want to talk to a workman’s compensation attorney.

Work injury risks are inevitable regardless of the line of work one is in and accidents can occur even if you have taken all the necessary precautions. Once an accident occurs to one of your workers or volunteers, your non-profit may be forced to pay out of pocket for their medical bills or lawsuits. That is if it does not have adequate Workers’ compensation coverage.

Workers’ Compensation insurance is a form of coverage that provides medical benefits and wage replacement for employees and volunteers of non-profit organizations injured in the line of duty. This insurance relinquishes the right of the employee to sue the nonprofit organization because of negligence.

Protecting Nonprofit Staff and Volunteers

Nonprofit organizations operate in diverse industries that are very demanding on staff and volunteers. From working in an animal shelter to an office setting, chances of getting a form of injury can be inevitable. For example, being bitten by an animal under the care of a shelter to developing motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome because of an innocuous office setting.

Because these risks are beyond the realm of any non-profit’s control, Workers’ Compensation coverage steps in to help you with work injury risks. They cover immediate medical attention in addition to other costs associated with the injury. These may include wages missed by the employee while under recovery and medication.

Employer’s Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is also included in most of these insurance policies. EPLI ensures that your charitable organization has sufficient financial backing in case a former employee lodges a lawsuit against you. This covers lawyer’s fees and settlements mandated by the court among other unforeseen charges.

Workman’s Compensation Attorney

Why Should a Non-Profit Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance can act as a safety net for your organization in times of crisis. Instead of the non-profit digging into its own savings and pockets to pay for legal fees, hospital bills, and medication for an injured employee or volunteer, the Workman’s Compensation helps the business in covering these costs. Such protection is very important for such organizations because these fees can be enough to bankrupt an organization.

Know Your State Laws

Some states require that a non-profit organization gets Workers’ Compensation coverage for their part-time and full-time employees, contractors, and volunteers. Other states only require this for their full-time employees.

It is important that you understand what your state requires so that you comply with the state’s laws before getting coverage. It is also important that you get an insurance agent so that you learn more about your state’s laws and find help in getting the most suitable policy.

Finding a Workman’s Compensation Attorney

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