One Killed and Two Injured in Diamond Bar Multiple Vehicle Accident 

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DIAMOND BAR, Calif. – According to KTLA5, one perished and two more were hospitalized in a multiple vehicle accident near the Lemon Ave. exit on the 60 Freeway. In such distressing situations, seeking guidance from a compassionate wrongful death lawyer can provide the support and legal assistance needed.


At approximately 3 AM, multiple vehicles struck each other. One ended up on the side of the road, others were severely damaged. Some of the injured were trapped in their vehicles before they were rescued. One motorist was found in the roadway. Two were sent to the hospital with injuries, one died on the scene. The investigation into the cause of the accident continues. 


Understanding the emotional trauma our clients are experiencing, Belal Hamideh Law is dedicated to offering support throughout the process. Financial reparation, though it won’t replace what you’ve lost, could provide you with a foundation to rebuild. A competent wrongful death lawyer can make a significant difference here. 

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