Man Dies Following Temecula Head-On Crash 

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TEMECULA, Calif. – According to KCAL NEWS, a 50-year-old man died in a Temecula accident. Near the I-15 overpass, on Rancho California Road at approximately 5:30 PM, the 50-year-old drove his Hyundai SUV into oncoming traffic. This incident highlights the importance of seeking legal guidance from a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney in such distressing situations.


Doing so caused a head-on crash with another car. This car then struck another vehicle. The 50-year-old man died at the scene. Two others were hospitalized for their injuries. 


The investigation is ongoing. Drugs and/or alcohol are not believed to have been involved with the accident. However, the reason the Hyundai went into oncoming traffic is still unknown. 


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