3 Dead and 3 Hospitalized Following Car Colliding Into Pasadena Unoccupied Building

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PASADENA, Calif – According to ABC7, three died and three others were taken to the hospital for injuries following a Tesla Model 3 crashing into an building in Pasadena that was unoccupied. The incident has raised concerns about road safety and the potential risks associated with high-speed collisions. In such tragic cases, families affected may seek legal guidance from a wrongful death attorney to understand their rights and explore avenues for justice. It is crucial for authorities and automotive manufacturers to work together to prevent such accidents and ensure the safety of all road users.


The Pasadena Police Department

Informed that the accident occurred around the Foothill and Sierra Madre boulevards intersection not long before 2:30 AM. 


Six were in the car, with ages ranging from 17 to 22. The driver and two passengers were pronounced dead at the scene while the survivors were rushed to the hospital for their injuries. They were listed in stable condition. 


Video Showed that the Tesla was Speeding

And that there was an explosion as the vehicle collided with the building. The car ripped apart upon impact. 


Authorities stated that the Tesla was going no less than double the legal speed limit as the driver ran a red light, losing control. Once the car hit a curb, it went into the air, hitting, in order, a city light pole, a power pole, and lastly, the building. 


The investigation is ongoing as to if drugs or alcohol were a factor, as well as if the Autopilot feature was on at the time of impact. 


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