Multiple Injuries I-10 Semi-Truck Accident 

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BLYTHE, Calif. – According to The Desert Sun, multiple parties were injured in an accident on the 10 near the city of Blythe. The accident involved a semi-truck and a Toyota. If you or a loved one were affected by this truck accident, seeking guidance from an experienced truck accident lawyer can provide the support you need.


At approximately 10:07 AM, a semi-truck struck a Toyota RAV4 east of Corn Springs near the 117 mile marker. The semi-truck then broke in half. Both drivers suffered injuries, but the semi-truck driver’s seemed more severe. The investigation is ongoing. 


No one, regardless of how careful or law-abiding they are while driving, is immune to the danger of falling victim to a semi-truck collision. If you’re nursing injuries from such an incident, Belal Hamideh is here for you. As a seasoned truck accident lawyer, Belal is poised to help you through each stage of the process. Reach out for a no-cost case appraisal, either through this platform or via phone call.